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Long-whiskered owlet-nightjar

Aegotheles crinifrons Photo by Ong Kiem Sian (Oriental Bird Images) Common name:long-whiskered owlet-nightjar (en); noitibó-coruja-das-Molucas (pt); égothèle des Moluques (fr); egotelo moluqueño (es); Molukkenschwalm (de)Taxonomy:Order CaprimulgiformesFamily AegothelidaeRange:This species is endemic to the Mollucas Islands, in Indonesia, being found in North Maluku, Halmahera, Kasiruta and Bacan.Size:These birds are 27-31 cm long and weigh 105-170 g.Habitat:These birds […]

Australian owlet-nightjar

Aegotheles cristatus Photo by Edward Smith (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:Australian owlet-nightjar (en); noitibó-coruja-australiano (pt); égothèle d’Australie (fr); egotelo australiano (es); baumschwalm (de)Taxonomy:Order CaprimulgiformesFamily AegothelidaeRange:This species is found across Australia, Tasmania and in southern New Guinea.Size:These birds are 21-25 cm long and weigh 42-53 g.Habitat:Australian owlet-nightjars are mostly found in dry open woodlands and forests, but can also […]