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Blyth’s kingfisher

Alcedo hercules (Photo from World Birds) Common name:Blyth’s kingfisher (en); guarda-rios-de-Blyth (pt); martin-pêcheur de Blyth (fr); martín pescador hércules (es); Herkules eisvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order CoraciiformesFamily AlcedinidaeRange:This species is found from extreme north-eastern India and eastern Nepal, into extreme southern China, and southwards into Myanmar, northern Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.Size:These birds are 22 cm long and weigh […]

Giant kingfisher

Megaceryle maxima Photo by Steve Garvie (Flickr) Common name:giant kingfisher (en); guarda-rios-gigante (pt); martin-pêcheur géant (fr); martín gigante africano (es); riesenfischer (de)Taxonomy:Order CoraciiformesFamily AlcedinidaeRange:These birds are found throughout most of sub-Saharan Africa, with the exception of the arid areas of Namibia, Botswana and north-western South Africa, and northern Kenya, eastern Ethiopia and Somalia.Size:The giant kingfisher […]

Rufous-collared kingfisher

Actenoides concretus Photo by Sombat Kongwithtaya (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:rufous-collared kingfisher (en); guarda-rios-de-coleira-ruiva (pt); martin-chasseur trapu (fr); alción malayo (es); Malaienliest (de)Taxonomy:Order CoraciiformesFamily AlcedinidaeRange:This species is found from extreme southern Myanmar and Thailand, across the Malay Peninsula, and into Borneo, Sumatra and adjacent islands in Indonesia.Size:These birds are 23-24 cm long and weigh 60-90 […]

Sacred kingfisher

Todiramphus sanctus Photo by Chris Wynne (Flickr) Common name:sacred kingfisher (en); guarda-rios-sagrado (pt); martin-chasseur sacré (fr); alción sagrado (es); götzenliest (de)Taxonomy:Order CoraciiformesFamily AlcedinidaeRange:This species breeds throughout most of mainland Australia, as well as in New Zealand and in western Melanesia as fas east as Fiji. The populations in southern Australia migrate north to winter in […]

Half-collared kingfisher

Alcedo semitorquata Photo by Warwick Tarboton (Warwick Tarboton) Common name:half-collared kingfisher (en); guarda-rios-de-colar (pt); martin-pêcheur à demi-collier (fr); martín pescador cobalto (es); kobalteisvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order CoraciiformesFamily Alcedinidae Range:This species is patchily distributed in East Africa, from Ethiopia to South Africa, and also through Zambia and southern D.R. Congo into Angola.Size:These birds are 18 cm long and […]

Black-backed kingfisher

Ceyx erithaca Photo by Peter Ericsson (Lee’s Birdwatching Adventures) Common name:black-backed kingfisher (en); guarda-rios-anão-oriental (pt); martin-pêcheur pourpré (fr); martín pescador enano oriental (de); dschungelfischer (de) Taxonomy:Order CoraciiformesFamily AlcedinidaeRange:This species is found across much of south-east Asia, from India to Indonesia.Size:These tiny kingfishers are 12-13 cm long and weigh 14 g.Habitat:The black-backed kingfisher is found in […]

Blue-breasted kingfisher

Halcyon malimbica Photo by Manu Romero (MRP Animales) Common name:blue-breasted kingfisher (en); guarda-rios-de-peito-azul (pt); martin-chasseur à poitrine bleue (fr); alción pechiazul (es); zügelliest (de)Taxonomy:Order CoraciiformesFamily AlcedinidaeRange:This species is found in sub-Saharan Africa, from Senegal to Uganda and Tanzania, northern D.R. Congo and northern Angola.Size:These birds are 20-30 cm long and weigh 65-95 g.Habitat:The blue-breasted kingfisher […]

Laughing kookaburra

Dacelo novaeguineae Photo by Richard Taylor (Wikipedia) Common name:laughing kookaburra (en);  cucaburra-comum (pt); martin-chasseur géant (fr); cucaburra común (es); jägerliest (de)Taxonomy:Order CoraciiformesFamily AlcedinidaeRange:These birds are found in eastern and southern Australia and have recently been introduced to Tasmania, south-western Australia and New Zealand.Size:Laughing kookaburras are 40-45 cm long and have a wingspan of 56-66 cm. […]

Pied kingfisher

Ceryle rudis Photo by Tarique Sani (Flickr) Common name:pied kingfisher (en); guarda-rios-malhado (pt); martim-pêcheur pie (fr); martím pescador bicolor (es); graufischer (de)Taxonomy:Order CoraciiformesFamily AlcedinidaeRange:This species is found throughout most of sub-Saharan Africa, in Egypt and the Middle East as far north as Turkey and as far east as southern Iran, and also in southern Asia, […]

Belted kingfisher

Ceryle alcyon (Photo from The Nevis Biodiversity Project) Common name: belted kingfisher (en); guarda-rios-americano (pt); martin-pêcheur d’Amerique (fr); martín gigante norteamericano (es); gürtelfischer (de) Taxonomy: Order Coraciiformes Family Alcedinidae Range: This species is found breeding throughout North America. The northern population migrate south to winter in the southernmost United States, in Mexico, Central America and […]