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Long-tailed duck

Clangula hyemalis Photo by Wolfgang Wander (Wikipedia) Common name:long-tailed duck (en); pato-de-cauda-afilada (pt); harelde kakawi (fr); pato havelda (es); eisente (de)Taxonomy:Order AnseriformesFamily AnatidaeRange:This species breeds in northernmost latitudes of Eurasia and North America, from Iceland, Scandinavia and the Baltic, throughout northern Russia, and into Alaska, northern Canada and western and southern Greenland. They migrate south […]

American black duck

Anas rubripes Photo by Ed Post (Flickr) Common name:American black duck (en); pato-escuro-americano (pt); canard noir (fr); ánade sombrío (es); dunkelente (de)Taxonomy:Order AnseriformesFamily AnatidaeRange:This species breeds in north-eastern North American, in Canada from northern Saskatchewan to Newfoundland, and south to Minnesota, Illinois, Pennsylvania and North Carolina in the United States. The population from Canada migrate […]

Coscoroba swan

Coscoroba coscoroba Photo by Cláudio Timm (Flickr) Common name:coscoroba swan (en); capororoca (pt); coscoroba blanc (fr); cisne coscoroba (es); coscorobaschwan (de)Taxonomy:Order AnseriformesFamily AnatidaeRange:This species breeds throughout most of Argentina, south-eastern Chile and in the Falklands. The more southern population from Argentina and Chile migrate north to winter along the central coast of Chile, and in […]

Green pygmy-goose

Nettapus pulchellus Photo by Tony Ashton (Tyto Tony) Common name:green pygmy-goose (en); ganso-anão-australiano (pt); anserelle élégante (fr); gansito-australiano (es); Australische zwergente (de) Taxonomy:Order AnseriformesFamily Anatidae Range:This species is found in northern and eastern Australia and in southern New Guinea. Also in the Lesser Sundas, Moluccas and Sulawesi, but possibly only outside the breeding season.Size:These birds […]

Freckled duck

Stictonetta naevosa Photo by Dick Daniels (Wikipedia) Common name:freckled duck (en); pato-sardento (pt); sitctonette tachetée (fr); pato pecoso (es); affenente (de)Taxonomy:Order AnseriformesFamily AnatidaeRange:This species is found in wetlands in south-eastern and south-western Australia.Size:These birds are 48-59 cm long and have a wingspan of 75-85 cm. They weigh 0,8-1 kg.Habitat:The frecked duck is mostly found in […]


Anas querquedula Photo by Kasia Someya (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:garganey (en); marreco (pt); sarcelle d’été (fr); cerceta carretona (es); kräkente (de)Taxonomy:Order AnseriformesFamily AnatidaeRange:This species breeds throughout most of Europe and northern Asia, from the northern Iberian Peninsula and England, north to Finland and east through Turkey and southern Russia into Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, northern Mongolia […]

Ashy-headed goose

Chloephaga poliocephala Photo by Alex Proimos (Wikipedia) Common name:ashy-headed goose (en); ganso-de-cabeça-cinzenta (pt); ouette à tête grise (fr); cauquén cabecigrís (es); graukopfgans (de)Taxonomy:Order AnseriformesFamily AnatidaeRange:This species breeds in southern Chile and south-western Argentina, from Temuco south to Tierra del Fuego. Outside the breeding season some individuals move north and north-east to winter as far north […]

White-winged duck

Cairina scutulata Photo by Dick Daniels (Carolina Birds) Common name:white-winged duck (en); pato-de-asas-brancas (pt); canard à ailes blanches (fr); pato de jungla (es); Malaienente (de)Taxonomy:Order AnseriformesFamily AnatidaeRange:This species is patchily distributed through south-east Asia, from Bangladesh, extreme north-eastern India and Myanmar, through Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, and into Malaysia and the Indonesian island of […]

White-faced whistling-duck

Dendrocygna viduata Photo by Cláudio Timm (Flickr) Common name:white-faced whistling-duck (en); irerê (pt); dendrocygne veuf (fr); suirirí cariblanco (es); witwenpfeifgans (de)Taxonomy:Order AnseriformesFamily AnatidaeRange:This species is found throughout sub-Saharan Africa, including Madagascar, and also in South America, east of the Andes, from northern Venezuela and Colombia down to northern Argentina. Size:These birds are 38-48 cm long […]

Emperor goose

Chen canagica Photo by Reginald David (Hawaii Biological Survey) Common name:emperor goose (en); ganso-imperador (pt); oie empereur (fr); ganso emperador (es); kaisergans (de)Taxonomy:Order AnseriformesFamily AnatidaeRange:This species is only found around the Bering Sea, breeding both along the western coast of Alaska and along the eastern coast of extreme north-eastern Russia. They migrate south to winter […]