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Mascarene swiftlet

Aerodramus francicus Photo by Kévin Le Pape (Wikipedia) Common name:Mascarene swiftlet (en); andorinhão-das-Mascarenhas (pt); salangane de Mascareignes (fr); salangana de las Mascareñas (es); Mauritiussalangane (de)Taxonomy:Order ApodiformesFamily ApodidaeRange:This species is endemic to the islands of Réunion and Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean.Size:These birds are 10-11 cm long and weigh 9-9,5 g.Habitat:The Mascarene swiftlet breeds in lava […]

Madagascar spinetail

Zoonavena grandidieri Photo by Markus Lagerqvist (PBase) Common name:Madagascar spinetail (en); rabo-espinhoso-de-Madagáscar (pt); martinet de Grandidier (fr); vencejo malgache (es); Madagaskarflagermussejler (de)Taxonomy:Order ApodiformesFamily ApodidaeRange:This species has two disjunct subspecies. Z.g. grandidieri is found throughout Madagascar, while Z.g. mariae is only found on the island of Grand Comoro, in the Comoro Islands.Size:These birds are 12 cm […]

Biscutate swift

Streptoprocne biscutata Photo by Pia Öberg (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:biscutate swift (en); andorinhão-de-coleira-falha (pt); martinet à collier interompu (fr); vencejo nuquiblanco brasileño (es); schildsegler (de)Taxonomy:Order ApodiformesFamily ApodidaeRange:This species is found along eastern Brazil, from Ceara south to Parana and northern Rio Grande do Sul, and also marginally into south-eastern Paraguay.Size:These birds are 20-22 cm […]

Fork-tailed palm-swift

Tachornis squamata Photo by Dave Curtis (Flickr) Common name:fork-tailed palm-swift (en); andorinhão-do-buriti (pt); martinet claudia (fr); vencejillo tijereta (es); gabelschwanzsegler (de)Taxonomy:Order ApodiformesFamily ApodidaeRange:This species is found in northern South America, east of the Andes. they are present from Colombia, Venezuela and the Guyanas south to Bolivia and southern Brazil as far as Mato Grosso do […]

Short-tailed swift

Photo by Patrick Ingremeau (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:short-tailed swift (en); andorinhão-de-rabo-curto (pt); martinet polioure (fr); vencejo rabón (es); stutzschwanzsegler (de)Taxonomy:Order ApodiformesFamily ApodidaeRange:This species is found from Panama south to Bolivia and central and western Brazil.Size:These bird are 10-11 cm long and weigh 20 g.Habitat:The short-tailed swift is found in moist tropical forests, dry tropical […]

American black swift

Cypseloides niger Photo by Glen Tepke (Mango Verde) Common name:American black swift (en); andorinhão-preto-americano (pt); martinet sombre (fr); vencejo negro (es); schwarzsegler (de)Taxonomy:Order ApodiformesFamily ApodidaeRange:This species breeds in a few patches along western North America and Central America, namely in southern British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, in Washington, Montana, California and Colorado, United States, in […]

Pallid swift

Apus pallidus Photo by Daniele Occhiato (Bird Forum) Common name:pallid swift (en); andorinhão-pálido (pt); martinet pâle (fr); vencejo pálido (es); fahlsegler (de)Taxonomy:Order ApodiformesFamily ApodidaeRange:This species breeds around the Mediterranean, from Morocco, southern Portugal and Spain to Egypt and Israel, and also along the coasts of the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. ost populations migrate […]

Mottled swift

Tachymarptis aequatoria Photo by Fran Trabalon (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:mottled swift (en); andorinhão-malhado (pt); martinet marbré (fr); vencejo ecuatorial (es); schuppensegler (de) Taxonomy:Order ApodiformesFamily Apodidae Range:This African species is patchily distributed in sub-Saharan Africa, from Senegal to Sudan and south to Angola and through Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania down to Zimbabwe and Mozambique.Size:These large […]

Horus swift

Apus horus Photo by Mikael Nord (Praktejder) Common name:horus swift (en); andorinhão-horus (pt); martinet horus (fr); vencejo horus (es); horussegler (de)Taxonomy:Order ApodiformesFamily Apodidae Range:This species is patchily distributed in sub-Saharan Africa, with population in Nigeria, Chad, Sudan and Ethiopia, and through East Africa into their main stronghold in Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa. There are […]

Chimney swift

Chaetura pelagica Photo by Daniele Occhiato (PBase) Common name:chimney swift (en); andorinhão-migrador (pt); martinet ramoneur (fr); vencejo de chimenea (es); schornsteinsegler (de) Taxonomy:Order ApodiformesFamily Apodidae Range:This species breeds in western North America, from Alberta to Newfoundland, in Canada, and throughout the western United States down to Florida and Texas. They migrate south to winter in […]