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Chinese pond-heron

Ardeola bacchus Photo by Foozi Saad (Trek Nature) Common name:Chinese pond-heron (en); papa-ratos-da-China (pt); crabier chinois (fr); garcilla china (es); Bacchusreiher (de)Taxonomy:Order Ciconiiformes Family ArdeidaeRange:This species breeds throughout the eastern half of China, as well as in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and marginally into extreme south-eastern Russia. They migrate south to winter from southern China south to […]

Whistling heron

Syrigma sibilatrix Photo by Ken Erickson (Wikipedia) Common name:whistling heron (en); maria-faceira (pt); héron flûte-su-soleil (fr); garza chiflona (es); pfeifreiher (de)Taxonomy:Order CiconiiformesFamily ArdeidaeRange:This South American species has two subspecies with disjunct distributions. S.s. fostersmithi is found in eastern Colombia and in northern and western Venezuela, while S.s. sibilatrix is found from Bolivia and adjacent western […]

Reddish egret

Egretta rufescens Photo by John Avise (Natural History of Orange County) Common name:reddish egret (en); garça-avermelhada (pt); aigrette roussâtre (fr); garceta rojiza (es); rötelreiher (de)Taxonomy:Order CiconiiformesFamily ArdeidaeRange:This species is found along the coasts of the southern United States, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and into northern Venezuela and Colombia.Size:These birds are 68-82 cm long and […]

Australasian bittern

Botaurus poiciloptilus Photo by Marlene Lyell (Flickr) Common name:Australasian bittern (en); abetouro-australiano (pt); butor d’Australie (fr); avetoro australiano (es); Australische rohrdommel (de)Taxonomy:Order CiconiiformesFamily ArdeidaeRange:This species is found throughout most of New Zealand, in New Caledonia and in Australia, in south-western Western Australia and from southern Queensland to Tasmania and south-eastern South Australia.Size:These birds are 66-76 […]

Least bittern

Ixobrychus exilis Photo by Harold Stiver (Nature Notes) Common name:least bittern (en); socoí-vermelho (pt); petit blongios (fr); avetorillo panamericano (es); Amerikanische zwergdommel (de)Taxonomy:Order CiconiiformesFamily ArdeidaeRange:This species is found from south-eastern Canada and the eastern, southern and south-western United States, through Central America and into the coasts and along the main rivers and wetlands of South […]

Chinese egret

Egretta eulophotes Photo by Tim Edelsten (Birds Korea) Common name:Chinese egret (en); garça-chinesa (pt); aigrette de Chine (fr); garceta china (es); schneereiher (de)Taxonomy:Order CiconiiformesFamily ArdeidaeRange:These birds breed in small islands off the coasts of South Korea, North Korea and across the border into north-eastern China and south-eastern Russia. They migrate south to winter in Vietnam, the […]

Rufescent tiger-heron

Tigrisoma lineatum Photo by Alejandro Tabini (Birding Peru) Common name: rufescent tiger-heron (en); socó-boi (pt); onoré rayé (fr); hocó colorado (es); marmorreiher (de) Taxonomy: Order Ciconiiformes Family Ardeidae Range: These birds are found from southern Guatemala down to Ecuador, Brazil, northern Uruguay and north-eastern Argentina. Size: They are 66-76 cm long and weigh 800-900 g. […]

Eastern reef-egret

Egretta sacra Photo by Peter Strauss (Internet Bird Collection) Common name: eastern reef-egret (en); garça-dos-recifes-oriental (pt); aigrette sacrée (fr); garceta costera oriental (es); riffreiher (de) Taxonomy: Order Ciconiiformes Family Ardeidae Range: This species is found along the western Pacific coast, from Japan down to Thailand and all the way to Bangladesh and India. Then south, […]