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Greater pied puffbird

Notharchus tectus Photo by Nick Athanas (Antpitta) Common name:greater pied puffbird (en); macuru-pintado (pt); tamatia pie (fr); buco pío (es); elsterfaulvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order GalbuliformesFamily BucconidaeRange:This species is found from southern Colombia, south to central Peru, and east to the Guyanas and into Brazil as far as Mato Grosso and Maranhão. Size:These birds are 14-17 cm long […]

Moustached puffbird

Malacoptila mystacalis Photo by Julian Londono (Wikipedia) Common name:moustached puffbird (en); barbudo-de-bigodes (pt); tamatia à moustaches (fr); buco bigotudo (es); schnurrbart-faulvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order GalbuliformesFamily BucconidaeRange:This species is patchily distributed along the mountain ranges of western Colombia and northern Venezuela.Size:These birds are 20-23 cm long and weigh 47-50 g.Habitat:The moustached puffbird is mostly found in the undergrowth […]

Black nunbird

Monasa atra Photo by Bruno Salaroli (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:black nunbird (en); chora-chuva-de-asa-branca (pt); barbacou noir (fr); monja negra (es); mohrentrappist (de)Taxonomy:Order GalbuliformesFamily BucconidaeRange:This species is found in western and southern Venezuela, through the Guyanas and into northern Brazil, only north of the Amazon river.Size:These birds are 25-29 cm long and weigh 85-95 g.Habitat:The […]

White-eared puffbird

Nystalus chacuru Photo by Mario Martins (Flickr) Common name:white-eared puffbird (en); joão-bobo (pt); tamatia chacuru (fr); chacurú cara negra (es); weißohr-faulvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order GalbuliformesFamily BucconidaeRange:This South American species is found is central and southern Brazil, in Bolivia, in eastern Paraguay and marginally into northern Argentina.Size:They are 18-20 cm long and weigh 60-65 g.Habitat:The white-eared puffbird is […]

Swallow-tailed puffbird

Chelidoptera tenebrosa Photo by Tomas Grim (Internet Bird Collection) Common name: swallow-tailed puffbird (en); urubuzinho (pt); barbacou à croupion blanc (fr); buco golondrina (es); schwalbenfaulvogel (de) Taxonomy: Order Galbuliformes Family Bucconidae Range: This South American species is found in most of Brazil and throughout the Amazon basin stretching into Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, the Guyanas, Suriname, […]

White-whiskered puffbird

Malacoptila panamensis Photo by Nick Athanas (Antpitta) Common name: white-whiskered puffbird (en); barbudo-de-loro-branco (pt); tamatia de Lafresnaye (fr); buco barbón (es); weißzügel-faulvogel (de) Taxonomy: Order Galbuliformes Family Bucconidae Range: The white-whiskered puffbird is found from southern Mexico down to Colombia and western Ecuador. Size: These birds are 17-19 cm long and weigh 40-45 g. Habitat: […]