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Red-tailed black-cockatoo

Calyptorhynchus banksii Photo by Peter Strauss (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:red-tailed black-cockatoo (en);cacatua-negra-de-cauda-vermelha (pt); cacatoès banksien (fr); cacatúa colirroja (es); Banks-rabenkakadu (de)Taxonomy:Order PsittaciformesFamily CacatuidaeRange:This species is endemic to Australia. They are found in northern Australia from northern Western Australia to northern New South Wales, in south-western Victoria and south-eastern South Australia, and in south-western Western […]

Palm cockatoo

Probosciger aterrimus Photo by Doug Janson (Wikipedia) Common name:palm cockatoo (en); cacatua-das-palmeiras (pt); cacatoès noir (fr); cacatúa enlutada (es); palmkakadu (de)Taxonomy:Order PsittaciformesFamily CacatuidaeRange:This species is found in New Guinea, where it is widespread, also occurring in the Aru Islands and the West Papuan Islands. It is also found in northern Australia where it is confined […]


Eolophus roseicapilla (Photo from Wikipedia) Common name:galah (en); cacatua-rosada (pt); cacatoès rosalbin (fr); cacatúa rosa (es); rosakakadu (de)Taxonomy:Order PsittaciformesFamily CacatuidaeRange:This species is endemic to Australia, being found throughout the country, including Tasmania.Size:Galahs are 35-36 cm long and weigh 270-350 g.Habitat:These birds generally avoid densely wooded areas, being found in a wide range of open habitats […]