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White-eared barbet

Stactolaema leucotis Photo by Johan van Rensburg (Wikipedia) Common name:white-eared barbet (en); barbaças-de-orelhas-brancas (pt); barbican oreillard (fr); barbudo orejiblanco (es); weißohr-bartvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order PiciformesFamily CapitonidaeRange:This species occur in two disjunct areas in eastern Africa. The subspecies S.l. kilimensis is found in central and south-eastern Kenya, and in north-eastern Tanzania, while subspecies S.l. leucotis is found from […]

Acacia pied barbet

Tricholaema leucomelas (Photo from Bird Forum) Common name:acacia pied barbet (en); barbaças-das-acácias (pt); barbican pie (fr); barbudo pío (es); rotstirn-bartvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order PiciformesFamily CapitonidaeRange:This species is found in southern Africa, from southern Angola, Zimbabwe and southern Mozambique, through Namibia and Botswana and throughout South Africa.Size:These birds are 15-18 cm long and weigh 23-45 g.Habitat:The acacia pied […]

Fire-tufted barbet

Psilopogon pyrolophus Photo by Rosmadi Hassan (Wings Among Us) Common name:fire-tufted barbet (en); barbudo-de-coleira (pt); barbu à collier (fr); barbudo picofuego (es); rotbüschel-bartvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order PiciformesFamily CapitonidaeRange:This species is found in de Indonesian island of Sumatra and in the Malay Peninsula in Malaysia and marginally into Thailand.Size:These birds are 30 cm long and weigh 115-140 g.Habitat:The […]

Grey-throated barbet

Gymnobucco bonapartei Photo by Tadeusz Stawarczyk (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:grey-throated barbet (en); barbudo-de-garganta-cinzenta (pt); barbican à gorge grise (fr); barbudo de garganta gris (es); trauerbartvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order PiciformesFamily CapitonidaeRange:This species is found in central Africa, from Cameroon to south-western Congo and through D.R. Congo and the Central African Republic into South Sudan, western Kenya, north-western […]

Lineated barbet

Megalaima lineata (Photo from Flickr) Common name:lineated barbet (en); barbudo-riscado (pt); barbu rayé (fr); barbudo listado (es); streifenbartvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily CapitonidaeRange:This species is found from northern-eastern India and Nepal, through Bangladesh and Myanmar and into Vietnam, Thailand, northern Malaysia and marginally into southern China.Size:These birds are 28-29 cm long and weigh 75-100 g.Habitat:The lineated barbet […]

Prong-billed barbet

Semnornis frantzii Photo by Lou Hegedus (Mango Verde) Common name:prong-billed barbet (en); capitão-de-Frantzius (pt); cabézon de Frantzius (fr); cabezón cocora (es); azteken-bartvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order PiciformesFamily CapitonidaeRange:This species is only found in Costa Rica and western Panama.Size:These birds are 17 cm long and weigh 60-70 g.Habitat:The prong-billed barbet is found in cool, moist tropical forests with abundant […]

Crimson-fronted barbet

Megalaima rubricapillus Photo by P.J. Vasanthan (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:crimson-fronted barbet (en); barbudo-de-faces-vermelhas (pt); barbu à couronne rouge (fr); barbudo capirrojo (es); Malabarschmied Taxonomy:Order PiciformesFamily Capitonidae Range:This species is found in south-western India, from Goa to Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and in Sri Lanka.Size:These birds are 15 cm long and weigh 35-40 g.Habitat:The crimson-fronted […]

Yellow-fronted tinkerbird

Pogoniulus chrysoconus Photo by Ian White (Flickr) Common name:yellow-fronted tinkerbird (en); barbadinho-de-testa-amarela (pt); barbion à front jaune (fr); barbudito frentigualdo (es); gelbstirn-bartvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order PiciformesFamily CapitonidaeRange:This species is found in sub-Saharan Africa, from Senegal to southern Sudan and Ethiopia and south to northern Namibia and north-eastern South Africa. They are mostly absent from the Congo river […]

Toucan barbet

Semnornis ramphastinus Photo by Tadeusz Stawarczyk (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:toucan barbet (en); capitão-tucano (pt); cabézon toucan (fr); tucán barbudo (es); tukan-bartvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order PiciformesFamily CapitonidaeRange:This species is found along the western slopes of the Andes, in southern Colombia and northern Ecuador.Size:These birds are 19-25 cm long and weigh 85-110 g.Habitat:The toucan barbet is found in […]

Coppersmith barbet

Megalaima haemacephala Photo by Rajiv Lather (Birding in India and South Asia) Common name:coppersmith barbet (en); barbudo-de-peito-vermelho (pt); barbu à plastron rouge (fr); barbudo calderero (es); kupferschmied (de)Taxonomy:Order PiciformesFamily CapitonidaeRange:This species is found in southern Asia, from north-eastern Pakistan, through India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh, and into southern China, the Malay Peninsula, Indonesia and the Philippines.Size:These […]