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Silky-tailed nightjar

Antrostomus sericocaudatus Photo by Edson Endrigo (Birds Iporanga) Common name:silky-tailed nightjar (en); bacurau-rabo-de-seda (pt); engoulevent à queue de soie (fr); chotacabras coladeseda (es); seidennachtschwalbe (de)Taxonomy:Order CaprimulgiformesFamily CaprimulgidaeRange:This species has two disjunct subspecies. A.s. sericocaudatus is found in south-eastern Brazil, south-eastern Paraguay and extreme north-western Argentina. A.s. mengeli is found in eastern Peru and north-western Bolivia, […]

Common poorwill

Phalaenoptilus nuttallii Photo by Don Doolittle (Debi Shearwater’s Journeys) Common name:common poorwill (en); noitibó-de-Nuttall (pt); engoulevent de Nuttall (fr); chotacabras pachacua (es); winternachtschwalbe (de)Taxonomy:Order CaprimulgidaeFamily CaprimulgidaeRange:This species is found in western North America, from southern British Columbia and southern Saskatchewan in Canada, across the western United States and into north-western Mexico as far south as […]

Band-tailed nighthawk

Nyctiprogne leucopyga Photo by Anselmo d’Affonseca (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:band-tailed nighthawk (en); bacurau-de-cauda-barrada (pt); engoulevent leucopyge (fr); añapero colibandeado (es); bindenschwanz-nachtschwalbe (de)Taxonomy:Order CaprimulgiformesFamily CaprimulgidaeRange:This species is found in Venezuela and eastern Colombia, and through north-western and central Brazil into northern Bolivia, northern Paraguay and French Guyana.Size:These birds are 16-20 cm long and weigh 23-26 […]

Short-tailed nighthawk

Lurocalis semitorquatus (Photo from Bird Forum) Common name:short-tailed nighthawk (en); tuju (pt); engoulevent à queue courte (fr); añapero colicorto (es); bändernachtschwalbe (de)Taxonomy:Order CaprimulgiformesFamily CaprimulgidaeRange:This species is found from Mexico down to Argentina.Size:These birds are 19-21 cm long and weigh 70-90 g.Habitat:The short-tailed nighthawk is found in tropical rainforests and swamp forests, from sea level up […]

Lesser nighthawk

Chordeiles acutipennis Photo by Pat Gaines (Flickr) Common name:lesser nighthawk (en); bacurau-de-asa-fina (pt); engoulevent minime (fr); añapero garrapena (es); Texasnachtschwalbe (de)Taxonomy:Order CaprimulgiformesFamily CaprimulgidaeRange:This species breeds in the southern United States, from California to southern Texas, and also in most of Mexico and in some areas of Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela and northern Brazil. […]

Sulawesi eared-nightjar

Eurostopodus diabolicus Photo by David Beadle (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:Sulawesi eared-nightjar (en); noitibó-diabólico (pt); engoulevent satanique (fr); chotacabras diabólico (es); teufelsnachtschwalbe (de) Taxonomy:Order CaprimulgiformesFamily Caprimulgidae Range:This species is endemic to Sulawesi, Indonesia, where it is confined on the mountain ranges in the north and centre of the island. Size:These birds are 26-27 cm long. […]

Fiery-necked nightjar

Caprimulgus pectoralis Photo by Dave Maguire (Wikipedia) Common name:fiery-necked nightjar (en); noitibó-de-pescoço-dourado (pt); engoulevent musicien (fr); chotacabras músico (es); pfeifnachtschwalbe (de)Taxonomy:Order CaprimulgiformesFamily CaprimulgidaeRange:This African species is found from southern Kenya and Tanzania, though southern D.R. Congo and Angola, and into northern Namibia, Zimbabwe, eastern Botswana and eastern South Africa down to the cape.Size:These birds are […]

Spotted nightjar

Eurostopodus argus Photo by Lindsay Hansch (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:spotted nightjar (en); noitibó-malhado (pt); engoulevent argus (fr); chotacabras argos (es); Argusnachtschwalbe (de)Taxonomy:Order CaprimulgiformesFamily CaprimulgidaeRange:This species is found throughout most of Australia, with the exception of the eastern coast from central Queensland to south-eastern South Australia. The more southern population migrate north to winter in […]

Rufous-cheeked nightjar

Caprimulgus rufigena (Photo from River’s Wild Notes) Common name:rufous-cheeked nightjar (en); noitibó-de-faces-ruivas (pt); engoulevent à joues rousses (fr); chotacabras carirrojo (es); rostwangen-nachtschwalbe (de)Taxonomy:Order CaprimulgiformesFamily CaprimulgidaeRange:This African species is found from Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe, through Namibia and Botswana and into South Africa and western Mozambique.Size:These birds are 24 cm long and weigh 50-60 g.Habitat:The rufous-cheeked nightjar is […]

Jungle nightjar

Caprimulgus indicus (Photo from Living into the Wild) Common name: jungle nightjar (en); noitibó-da-selva (pt); engoulevent indien (fr); chotacabras de jungla (es); dschungelnachtschwalbe (de) Taxonomy: Order Caprimulgiformes Family Caprimulgidae Range: This Asia species is found from India and Pakistan, throughout south-east Asia, and into China, Japan and eastern Russia. Size: The jungle nightjar is 21-29 […]