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Eurasian dotterel

Eudromias morinellus Photo by Peter Nielsen (Danmarks Fugle og Natur) Common name:Eurasian dotterel (en); borrelho-ruivo (pt); pluvier guignard (fr); chorlito carambolo (es); mornellregenpfeifer (de)Taxonomy:Order CharadriiformesFamily CharadriidaeRange:This species breeds patchily in the northernmost parts of Eurasia, from the northern British Isles, and through northern Scandinavia and northern Russia and as far east as western Alaska. They […]

Banded lapwing

Vanellus tricolor Photo by Bruce Thomson (Flickr) Common name:banded lapwing (en); abibe-tricolor (pt); vanneau tricolore (fr); avefría tricolor (es); schwarzbandkiebitz (de)Taxonomy:Order CharadriiformesFamily CharadriidaeRange:This species is found throughout most of Australia, including Tasmania, only being absent from the northernmost parts of Queensand, the Northern Territory and Western Australia.Size:These birds are 25-29 cm long and have a […]


Charadrius vociferus Photo by Harold Stiver (Nature Notes) Common name:killdeer (en); borrelho-de-coleira-dupla (pt); pluvier kildir (fr); chorlitejo colirrojo (es); keilschwanz-regenpfeifer (de)Taxonomy:Order CharadriiformesFamily CharadriidaeRange:This American species is found from Canada as far north as the Northwest Territories, south to northern Colombia and north-western Venezuela and also along the Pacific coasts of Ecuador and Peru. They are […]

Northern lapwing

Vanellus vanellus Photo by Agustín Povedano (Flickr) Common name:northern lapwing (en); abibe-comum (pt); vanneau huppé (fr); avefría europea (es); kiebitz (de)Taxonomy:Order CharadriiformesFamily CharadriidaeRange:This species breeds throughout most of Europe and into central Asia as far east as southern Siberia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and northern China. They migrate south to winter around the Mediterranean, in the Middle […]

Greater sand plover

Charadrius leschenaultii Photo by Ahmet Karatash (Trek Nature) Common name:greater sand plover (en); borrelho-grande-do-deserto (pt); pluvier de Leschenault (fr); chorlitejo mongol grande (es); wüstenregenpfeifer (de)Taxonomy:Order CharadriiformesFamily CharadriidaeRange:This species breeds in central Asia, from Mongolia, southern Russia and northern China, west through southern Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, and into the Caucasus. There are also some isolated […]

Common ringed plover

Charadrius hiaticula Photo by Laurent Demongin (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:common ringed plover (en); borrelho-grande-de-coleira (pt); pluvier grand-gravelot (fr); chorlitejo grande (es); sandregenpfeifer (de)Taxonomy:Order CharadriiformesFamily CharadriidaeRange:This species breeds in northern Russia, Scandinavia, Greenland and Iceland, and also in the British Island and along the Baltic and Atlantic coasts of Europe down to western France. Most […]


Anarhynchus frontalis Photo by Nick Talbot (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:wrybill (en); borrelho-de-bico-torto (pt); pluvier anarhynque (fr); chorlito piquituerto (es); schiefschnabel (de)Taxonomy:Order CharadriiformesFamily CharadriidaeRange:This species is endemic to New Zealand, breeding in Canterbury and Otago, South Island, and wintering along the northern coasts of South Island and the coasts of North Island.Size:These birds are 20-21 […]

Pacific golden plover

Pluvialis fulva (Photo from Birding in Taiwan) Common name: Pacific golden plover (en); tarambola-dourada-siberiana (pt); pluvier fauve (fr); chorlito dorado siberiano (es); Sibirische goldregenpfeifer (de) Taxonomy: Order Charadriiformes Family Charadriidae Range: These birds breed in the Arctic, both in northern and north-eastern Russia and in western Alaska. They migrate south to winter along the coasts […]

Crowned lapwing

Vanellus coronatus Photo by Vincent Ceccarelli (Oiseaux)  Common name: crowned lapwing (en); abibe-coroado (pt); vanneau couronné (fr); avefría coronada (es); kronenkiebitz (de) Taxonomy: Order Charadriiformes Family Charadriidae Range: This African species is found from the Red Sea coats of Somalia down to southern and south-western Africa. Size: This large plover is 30-31 cm long and […]

Piping plover

Charadrius melodus Common name: piping ploer (en); batuíra-melodiosa (pt); pluvier siffleur (fr); playero melódico (es); gelbfuß-regenpfeifer (de) Taxonomy: Order Charadriiformes Family Charadriidae Range: The piping plover breeds in the central prairies of the United States and Canada and along the north-east coast of the United States. They winter in the south and south-east coast of […]