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Knob-billed fruit-dove

Ptilinopus insolitus Photo by Laurens Steijn (Dutch Birding) Common name:knob-billed fruit-dove (en); pombo-da-fruta-de-capacete (pt); ptilope casqué (fr); tilopo insólito (es); knopffruchttaube (de)Taxonomy:Order ColumbiformesFamily ColumbidaeRange:This species is endemic to the Bismarck archipelago of eastern Papua-New Guinea.Size:These birds are 22-24 cm long and weigh 115-145 g.Habitat:The knob-billed fruit-dove is found in forests habitat, including both dry and […]

Seychelles blue-pigeon

Alectroenas pulcherrimus Photo by Conrad Savy (iNaturalist) Common name:Seychelles blue-pigeon (en); pombo-azul-das-Seychelles (pt); founingo rougecap (fr);  paloma azul de Seychelles (es); warzenfruchttaube (de)Taxonomy:Order ColumbiformesFamily ColumbidaeRange:This species is endemic to the Seychelles archipelago, in the Indian Ocean, being found on the islands of Praslin, La Digue, Mahé, North, Silhouette, Frigate, Curieuse, Denis, Aride and Bird. It […]

Marquesan ground-dove

Alopecoenas rubescens Photo by Josep del Hoyo (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:Marquesan ground-dove (en); pombo-perdiz-das-Marquesas (pt); gallicolombe des Marquises (fr); paloma-perdiz de las Marquesas (es); Marquesen-erdtaube (de)Taxonomy:Order ColumbiformesFamily ColumbidaeRange:This species is endemic to the Marquesas islands, in French Polynesia, only occurring on the uninhabited, cat-free islets of Hatuta’a and Fatu Huku.Size:These birds are 20 cm […]

Pacific imperial-pigeon

Ducula pacifica (Photo from Flickr) Common name:Pacific imperial-pigeon (en); pombo-imperial-do-Pacífico (pt); carpophage pacifique (fr); dúcula del Pacífico (es); Tongafruchttaube (de)Taxonomy:Order ColumbiformesFamily ColumbidaeRange:This species is found in small islands in the Pacific Ocena, from the islands of north-eastern New Guinea, through the Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Fiji, and into Tonga, American Samoa and the […]

Topknot pigeon

Lopholaimus antarcticus Photo by Ian Colley (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:topknot pigeon (en); pombo-de-penacho (pt); carpophage à double huppe (fr); paloma de penacho (es); hauben-fruchttaube (de) Taxonomy:Order ColumbiformesFamily ColumbidaeRange:This species is endemic to eastern Australia, being found along the coast from northern Queensland to eastern Victoria.Size:These birds 40-46 cm long and weigh 475-600 g.Habitat:The topknot […]

Wompoo fruit-dove

Megaloprepia magnifica (Photo from FollowPics) Common name:wompoo fruit-dove (en); pombo-da-fruta-magnífico (pt); ptilope magnifique (fr); tilopo magnífico (es); langschwanz-fruchttaube (de)Taxonomy:Order ColumbiformesFamily ColumbidaeRange:This species is found throughout New Guina and along the north-eastern coast of Australia from Cape york in northern Queensland to Sidney in New South Wales.Size:These birds are 29-45 cm long and weigh 250-500 g.Habitat:The […]

White-faced quail-dove

Geptrygon albifacies Photo by Michael Retter (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:white-faced quail-dove (en); juriti-de-faces-brancas (pt); colombe des nuages (fr); paloma-perdiz cariblanca (es); sclatertaube (de)Taxonomy:Order ColumbiformesFamily ColumbidaeRange:This species is found from central and southern Mexico south to northwestern Nicaragua.Size:These birds are 28-36 cm long and weigh 180-300 g.Habitat:The white-faced quail-dove is found in humid evergreen and […]

Pink-headed fruit-dove

Ptilinopus porphyreus (Photo from Federação Ornitológica Catarinense) Common name:pink-headed fruit-dove (en); pombo-da-fruta-de-cabeça-rosa (pt); ptilope porphyre (fr); tilopo cuellirosa (es); rothals-flaumfußtaube (de)Taxonomy:Order ColumbiformesFamily ColumbidaeRange:This species is endemic to Indonesia, being found in the mountain chains of Sumatra, Java and Bali.Size:These birds are 28-29 cm long.Habitat:The pink-headed fruit-dove is mostly found in mountain rainforests and high-altitude scrublands, […]

Jambu fruit-dove

Ptilinopus jambu Photo by Eddy Lee (Flickr) Common name:jambu fruit-dove (en); pombo-da-fruta-do-jambo (pt); ptilope jambou (fr); tilope jambú (es); jambufruchttaube (de)Taxonomy:Order ColumbiformesFamily ColumbidaeRange:This species is found from southern Thailand and Myanmar, through Malaysia and into Sumatra, Borneo and a few nearby islands in Indonesia.Size:These birds are 23-28 cm long and weigh about 40 g.Habitat:Jambu fruit-doves […]

Grey-headed quail-dove

Geotrygon caniceps (Photo from Bird Forum) Common name:grey-headed quail-dove (en); juriti-de-cabeça-cinzenta (pt); colombe de Gundlach (fr); camao (es); Gundlachtaube (de)Taxonomy:Order ColumbiformesFamily ColumbidaeRange:This species is found in Cuba and the Dominican Republic. In Cuba it may still occur in patches throughout the country, but mainly on the Zapata Peninsula and Sierra del Rosario. In the Dominican […]