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Pied currawong

Strepera graculina Photo by Chris Chafer (Flickr) Common name:pied currawong (en); verdugo-malhado (pt); grand réveilleur (fr); verdugo pío (es); dickschnabel-würgerkrähe (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily ArtamidaeRange:This species is endemic to eastern Australia, being found from northern Queensland to Victoria and marginally into South Australia.Size:These birds are 44-51 cm long and have a wingspan of 56-77 cm. They weigh […]

Grey butcherbird

Cracticus torquatus Photo by Phil Guerney (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:grey butcherbird (en); verdugo-cinzento (pt); cassican à collier (fr); verdugo acollarado (es); graurücken-metzgervogel (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily CracticidaeRange:This species is endemic to Australia, being found from mid-eastern Queensland, through southern Australia, including Tasmania, to northern Western Australia. There is an isolated population in the Kimberley and the […]

Pied butcherbird

Cracticus nigrogularis Photo by Michael Schmid (Wikipedia) Common name: pied butcherbird (en); verdugo-de-peito-preto (pt); cassican à gorge noire (fr); verdugo gorjinegro (es); schwarzkehl-metzgervogel (de) Taxonomy: Order Passeriformes Family Cracticidae Range: The pied butcherbird is found throughout the Australian mainland, with the exception of most of the southern and south-eastern coastline, and the more arid areas […]