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Wandering albatross

Diomedea exulans Common name:wandering albatross (en); albatroz-errante (pt); albatros hurleur (fr); albatros viajero (es); wanderalbatros (de)Taxonomy:Order ProcellariiformesFamily DiomedeidaeRange:This species breeds in small, remote islands of the southern oceans, namely South Georgia, Prince Edward Islands, Crozet Islands, Kerguelen Islands and Macquarie Island. They wander over most of the southern oceans, as far south as the northernmost […]

Black-browed albatross

Thalassarche melanophris Photo by Jose Xavier (Antarctic Field Guide) Common name:black-browed albatross (en); albatroz-de-sobrancelha (pt); albatros à sourcils noirs (fr); albatros de ceja negra (es); schwarzbrauenalbatros (de)Taxonomy:Order ProcellariiformesFamily DiomedeidaeRange:This species has a circumpolar distribution, being found from the polar waters of Antarctica north to the coasts of southern Australia, Namibia and southern Mozambique in Africa […]

Black-footed albatross

Phoebastia nigripes Photo by James Lloyd (PBase) Common name:black-footed albatross (en); albatroz-de-patas-negras (pt); albatros à pieds noirs (fr); albatros de patas negras (es); schwarzfußalbatros (de)Taxonomy:Order ProcellariiformesFamily DiomedeidaeRange:This species is found in the northern Pacific Ocean, from the Bearing Sea down to Hawaii and Guam, breeding only in the northwestern Hawaian islands, in a few small […]

Sooty albatross

Phoebetria fusca (Photo from Naver Blog) Common name: sooty albatross (en); albatroz-sombrio (pt); albatros brun (fr); albatros ahumado (es); dunkelalbatros (de) Taxonomy: Order Procellariiformes Family Diomedeidae Range: The sooty albatross if found in the southern Atlantic and Indian oceans, breeding sub-Antarctic islands including the Tristão da Cunha group, Prince Edward island, Marion island, the Crozet […]