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Laysan finch

Telespiza cantans (Photo from US Fish and Wildlife Service) Common name:Laysan finch (en); palila-de-Laysan(pt); psittirostre de Laysan (fr); palila de Laysan (es); Laysankleidervogel (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily DrepanidaeRange:This species is endemic to the island of Laysan in the north-western Hawaiian archipelago.Size:These birds are 19 cm long and weigh 32-34,5 g.Habitat:The Laysan finch is found in dry scrublands […]

Maui parrotbill

Pseudonestor xanthophrys Photo by Michael Neal (Neal Studios) Common name:Maui parrotbill (en); bico-de-papagaio-de-Maui (pt); psittirostre de Maui (fr); pinzón loro de Maui (es); papageischnabelgimpel (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily DrepanidaeRange:This species is endemic to the island of Maui, in Hawaii, where it is only found on the north-eastern slopes of Haleakala.Size:These birds are 14 cm long and weigh 20-25 g.Habitat:The Maui parrotbill […]

Hawaii amakihi

Hemignathus virens Photo by Chuck Babbitt ( Common name:Hawaii amakihi (en); amakigi-do-Hawai (pt); amakihi familier (fr); amakiji hawaiano (es); amakihi (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily DrepanididaeRange:This species is endemic to the island of Hawaii.Size:These birds are 10 cm long and weigh 13-15 g.Habitat:The Hawaii amakihi is found in all types of habitat of the island, namely tropical moist forests, tropical dry […]


Vestiaria coccinea Common name: iiwi (en); iiwi (pt); iiwi rouge (fr); i-iwi (es); iiwi (de) Taxonomy: Order Passeriformes Family Drepanididae Range: This Hawaiian species was originally found on all the main islands in the Hawaiian Archipelago, but is now extinc on Lana’i and only relict populations remain in Moloka’i and O’ahu. It is still widespread […]