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Christmas frigatebird

Fregata andrewsi Photo by Jeff Blincow (Christmas Island Wildlife) Common name:Christmas frigatebird (en); fragata-de-Natal (pt); frégate d’Andrews (fr); fragata de la Navidad (es); weißbauch-fregattvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order PelecaniformesFamily FregatidaeRange:The Christmas frigatebird is endemic as a breeding species to Christmas Island, located in the Indian Ocean, about 1000 km south-west of the Indonesian island of Java. Foraging birds […]

Great frigatebird

Fregata minor Photo by Pablo Caceres (Flickr) Common name:great frigatebird (en); fragata-grande (pt); frégate du Pacifique (fr); fragata-pelágica (es); bindenfregattvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order PelecaniformesFamily FregatidaeRange:These birds are mostly found in the tropical areas of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, between 25º N and 25º S. There are also two colonies in the South Atlantic, on the islands […]