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Lesser jacana

Microparra capensis Photo by Paul Jones (Flickr) Common name:lesser jacana (en); jacana-pequena (pt); jacana nain (fr); jacana chica (es); zwergblatthühnchen (de)Taxonomy:Order CharadriiformesFamily JacanidaeRange:This species is patchily distributed in sub-Saharan Africa, from Mali and Côte d’Ivoire east to South Sudan and Ethiopia, through Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, and into southern Angola, northern Namibia, northern Botswana, Mozambique […]

Pheasant-tailed jacana

Hydrophasianus chirurgus Common name: pheasant-tailed jacana (en); jacana-rabilonga (pt); jacana à longue queue (fr); jacana colilarga(es); fasanblatthühnchen (de) Taxonomy: Order Charadriiformes Family Jacanidae Range: The pheasant-tailed jacana is found in southern and south-eastern Asia, including portions of Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, China, Java, and the Philippines. Size: These birds are 28-31 cm long, […]