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Black berrypecker

Melanocharis nigra Photo by Mehdhala Ouate (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:black berrypecker (en); pica-bagas-preto (pt); piquebaie noir (fr); picabayas negro (es); weißbüschel-beerenpicker (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily MelanocharitidaeRange:This species is found throughout the island of New Guinea, both in Indonesia and Papua-New Guinea, and also in some of the nearby offshore islands.Size:These birds are 9-10 cm long.Habitat:The black […]

Fan-tailed berrypecker

Melanocharis versteri Photo by Dan Blair (Bird Forum) Common name:fan-tailed berrypecker (en); pica-bagas-de-leque (pt); piquebaie éventail (fr); picabayas abanico (es); fächerschwanz-beerenpicker (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily MelanocharitidaeRange:This species is endemic to the island of New Guinea, where it is mainly restricted to the mountain ranges along the center of the islands, both in Papua-New-Guinea and Indonesia.Size:These birds are […]