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Southern carmine bee-eater

Merops nubicoides Photo by Mike Rolfe (Pixdaus) Common name:southern carmine bee-eater (en); abelharuco-róseo-do-sul (pt); guêpier carmin (fr); abejaruco carmesí del sur (es); karminspint (de)Taxonomy:Order CoraciiformesFamily MeropidaeRange:This species is found breeding from southern Angola, through Zambia, Zimbabwe and northern Botswana, and into south-western Mozambique. Outside the breeding season they range as far south as north-eastern South […]

Rainbow bee-eater

Merops ornatus Photo by Patrick Ingremeau (Oiseaux) Common name:rainbow bee-eater (en); abelharuco-australiano (pt); guêpier arc-en-ciel (fr); abejaruco australiano (es); ragenbogenspint (de)Taxonomy:Order CoraciiformesFamily MeropidaeRange:This species is found throughout mainland Australia, in New Guinea and eastern Indonesia. They are also found in the Solomon Islands.Size:These birds are 19-28 cm long, including the elongated tail feathers, and have a wingspan […]