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Black catbird

Melanoptila glabrirostris (Photo from Flickr) Common name:black catbird (en); sabiá-preto (pt); moqueur noir (fr); maullador negro (es); glanzkatzenvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily MimidaeRange:This species is found on the Yucatán Peninsula, in south-eastern Mexico, northern Belize and northern Guatemala.Size:These birds are 19-20,5 cm long and weigh 32-42 g.Habitat:The black catbird is mostly found in dry scrublands and humid […]

Galápagos mockingbird

Nesomimus parvulus Photo by Ian Hempstead (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:Galápagos mockingbird (en); sabiá-das-Galápagos (pt); moqueur des Galapagos (fr); sinsonte de Galápagos (es); Galapagosspottdrossel (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily Mimidae Range:This species is endemic to the Galápagos Islands, being found in most of the islands in the archipelago with the exception of Floreana, Española and San Cristóbal.;postID=5125214004274808109;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=0;src=linkSize:These birds […]

Brown thrasher

Toxostoma rufum Common name:brown thrasher (en); sabiá-castanho (pt); moqueur roux (fr); cuitlacoche rojizo (es); rotrücken-spottdrossel (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily MimidaeRange:This species is found in southern Canada and the eastern United States, from Alberta and Minnesota to Maine and south to Texas, Louisiana and Florida. The more northern population migrate south to winter along the southern parts of […]

Chalk-browed mockingbird

Mimus saturninus (Photo from Terra de Gente) Common name:chalk-browed mockingbird (en); sabiá-do-campo (pt); mouqueur plombé (fr); sinsonte de cejas blancas (es); camposspottdrossel (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily MimidaeRange:This South American species is found from central and eastern Brazil and Bolivia down to central Argentina.Size:These birds are 24-27  cm long and weigh around 70 g.Habitat:The chalk-browed mockingbird is found in dry, […]

Grey catbird

Dumetella carolinensis Photo by Peter Massas (Wikipedia) Common name: grey catbird (en); sabiá-cinzento (pt); moqueur chat (fr); maullador gris (es); katzendrossel (de) Taxonomy: Order Passeriformes Family Mimidae Range: The grey catbird breeds in the United States and southern Canada, east of the Rocky mountains. They migrate south to winter along the Gulf coast from Florida, […]