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Red-crested turaco

Tauraco erythrolophus (Photo from Your Nature Photos) Common name:red-crested turaco (en); turaco-de-crista-vermelha (pt); touraco pauline (fr); turaco crestirrojo (es); rothaubenturako (de)Taxonomy:Order CuculiformesFamily MusophagidaeRange:This species is endemic to Angola, being found in the western and central parts of the country from the lower Congo to Chingoroi, and east to Malanje and the upper Cuanza.Size:These birds are […]

Violet turaco

Musophaga violacea Photo by Jim Capaldi (Wikipedia) Common name:violet turaco (en); turaco-violeta (pt); touraco violet (fr); turaco violáceo (es); schildturako (de)Taxonomy:Order CuculiformesFamily Musophagidae Range:This species is found in West Africa, from Senegal to Nigeria and northern Cameroon. Size:These birds are 45 cm long and weigh around 360 g.Habitat:The violet turaco is found in moist tropical […]

Purple-crested turaco

Tauraco porphyreolophus (Photo from Internet Bird Collection) Common name:purple-crested turaco (en); turaco-de-crista-violeta (pt); touraco à huppe splendide (fr); turaco crestimorado (es); glanzhaubenturako (de)Taxonomy:Order CuculiformesFamily MusophagidaeRange:This African species is found from Uganda and Tanzania to Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and eastern South Africa.Size:These birds are 40-46 cm long and weigh 200-290 g.Habitat:Purple-crested turacos are mostly found in dense […]

Great blue turaco

Corythaeola cristata Common name: great blue turaco (en); turaco-gigante (pt); touraco géant (fr); turaco gigante (es); riesenturako (de) Taxonomy: Order Cuculiformes Family Musophagidae Range: This African species is found throughout equatorial Africa, from Guinea and Sierra Leone, to the Central African Republic, D.R. Congo, Uganda and Kenya, and south to Rwanda and Burundi. Size: The […]