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Great potoo

Nyctibius grandis Photo by Philip Perry (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:great potoo (en); urutau-gigante (pt); grand ibijau (fr); nictibio grande (es); riesentagschläfer (de)Taxonomy:Order CaprimulgiformesFamily NyctibiidaeRange:This species is found from extreme southern Mexico, through Central America into Colombia, Venezuela and the Guyanas, and southwards east of the Andes down to central Bolivia, northern Paraguay and south-eastern […]

Common potoo

Nyctibius griseus (Photo from Wikipedia) Common name: common potoo (en); urutau-comum (pt); ibijau gris (fr); urutaú menor (es); urutau-tagschläfer (de) Taxonomy: Order Caprimulgiformes Family Nyctibiidae Range: This species is found in tropical Central and South America, from Costa Rica to northern Argentina and Uruguay. Size: The common potoo is 33-38 cm long and has a […]