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Black-naped oriole

Oriolus chinensis Photo by Nick Dean (Flickr) Common name:black-naped oriole (en); papa-figos-de-nuca-preta (pt); loriot de Chine (fr); oropéndola china (es); schwarznackenpirol (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily OriolidaeRange:This species is found throughout eastern China, marginally into south-eastern Russia, in Korea, and also through the Philippines into Indonesia and Singapore. Population breeding in China, Russia and Korea migrate south and […]

Australasian figbird

Sphecotheres vieilloti Photo by Georges Olioso (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:Australasian figbird (en); papa-figos-australiano (pt); sphécothère de Vieillot (fr); oropéndola australiana (es); Australischer feigenpirol (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily OriolidaeRange:This species is found in northern and eastern Australia, from northern Western Australia and the Northern Territories, through coastal Queensland and into the coast of New South Wales down […]

Black-headed oriole

Oriolus larvatus Photo by Gerda van Schalkwyk (Flickr) Common name:black-headed oriole (en); papa-figos-de-cabeça-preta (pt); loriot masqué (fr); oropéndola enmascarada (es); maskenpirol (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily OriolidaeRange:This species is found in sub-Saharan Africa, specially in East Africa, from Ethiopia down to South Africa, and also into Angola and northern Namibia in West Africa. Size:These birds are 23-27 cm […]

Eurasian golden oriole

Oriolus oriolus Photo by Abdul  Al-Sirhan (Kuwait Bird Sightings) Common name: Eurasian golden oriole (en); papa-figos (pt); loriot d’Europe (fr); oropéndola europea (es); pirol (de) Taxonomy: Order Passeriformes Family Oriolidae Range: This species is found throughout most of continental Europe, from Portugal and Spain to southern Sweden, and east into Russia and Turkey and into […]