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Chestnut woodpecker

Celeus elegans Photo by Maxime Dechelle (GEPOG) Common name:chestnut woodpecker (en); pica-pau-chocolate (pt); pic mordoré (fr); carpintero elegante (es); fahlkopfspech (de)Taxonomy:Order PiciformesFamily PicidaeRange:This species is found in northern South America, east of the Andes, from eastern Colombia and eastern Venezuela, through the Guyanas and Trinidad, and into Maranhão e north-eastern Brazil, and south to northern […]

Yellow-browed woodpecker

Piculus aurulentus Photo by Ricardo Gentil (Flickr) Common name:yellow-browed woodpecker (en); pica-pau-dourado (pt); pic à bandeaux (fr); carpintero cejigualdo (es);weißbrauenspecht (de)Taxonomy:Order PiciformesFamily PicidaeRange:This species is found in south-eastern Brazil, from Espírito Santo down to Rio Grande do Sul, and marginally into south-eastern Paraguay and extreme north-eastern Argentina.Size:These birds are 20-22 cm long and weigh about […]

Blood-coloured woodpecker

Veniliornis sanguineus (Photo from Ron Allicock Birding Tours) Common name:blood-coloured woodpecker (en); pica-pau-sangue (pt); pic rougeâtre (fr); carpintero sanguíneo (es); blutrückenspecht (de)Taxonomy:Order PiciformesFamily PicidaeRange:This species is found along the coasts of Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.Size:These birds are 12-13 cm long and weigh 23-30 g.Habitat:The blood-coloured woodpecker is mostly found in mangroves and swamp forests, […]

Olive woodpecker

Dendropicos griseocephalus Photo by Graham Searll (Bird Photos) Common name:olive woodpecker (en); pica-pau-de-cabeça-cinzenta (pt); pic olive (fr); pito oliváceo (es); goldrückenspecht (de)Taxonomy:Order PiciformesFamily PicidaeRange:This species occurs in two disjunct areas in Africa. They are found from Angola, east through southern D.R. Congo and Zambia, and into Tanzania and southern Uganda. Also from southern Mozambique and […]

Lesser spotted woodpecker

Dendrocopos minor Photo by Zsombor Károlyi (Zsombor Károlyi’s Photo Blog) Common name:lesser spotted woodpecker (en); pica-pau-malhado-pequeno (pt); pic épeichette (fr); pico menor (es); kleinspecht (de)Taxonomy:Order PiciformesFamily PicidaeRange:This species is found through continental Europe and southern Great Britain, through Turkey and the Caucasus into northern Iran, and along the middle and southern latitudes of Russia into […]

Speckle-chested piculet

Picumnus steidachneri Photo by Gerard Gorman (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:speckle-chested piculet (en); pica-pau-anão-malhado (pt); picumne perlé (fr); carpinterito perlado (es); perlenbrust-zwergspecht (de)Taxonomy:Order PiciformesFamily PicidaeRange:This species is endemic to Peru, only being found in the central Huallaga valley and very locally in the Utcubamba valley in the Andes of north-western San Martín, in the north […]

Knysna woodpecker

Campethera notata Photo by Trevor Hardaker (Trevor and Margaret Hardaker) Common name:Knysna woodpecker (en); pica-pau-de-Knysna (pt); pic tigré (fr); pito de Knysna (es); Knysnaspecht (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily PicidaeRange:This species is endemic to South Africa, occurring around the coast of the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and small parts of KwaZulu-Natal.Size:These birds are 22 cm long and weigh […]

Rufous woodpecker

Celeus brachyurus Photo by P.J. Vasanthan (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:rufous woodpecker (en); pica-pau-castanho (pt); pic brun (fr); carpintero rufo (es); rötelspecht (de) Taxonomy:Order PiciformesFamily PicidaeRange:This species is found in south-eastern Asia, from India and Nepal to south-eastern China and south to the Indonesian islands of Java, Sumatra and Borneo.Size:These birds are 21-25 cm long […]

Northern flicker

Colaptes auratus (Photo from 4Goo) Common name:northern flicker (en); pica-pau-pintado (pt); pic flamboyant (fr); carpintero escapulario (es); goldspecht (de)Taxonomy:Order PiciformesFamily PicidaeRange:This species is found across North America and in Central America as far south as Nicaragua. Also in Cuba and Great Cayman. The ore northern population migrate south to winter in the southern part of […]

Magellanic woodpecker

Campephilus magellanicus Photo by Doug Kirwin (Woodpeckers of the World) Common name:Magellanic woodpecker (en); pica-pau-de-Magalhães (pt); pic de Magellan (fr); carpintero de Magallanes (es); Magellanspecht (de)Taxonomy:Order PiciformesFamily PicidaeRange:This species is found in southern Chile and south-western Argentina, from Linares, Chile and Neuquén, Argentina to Tierra del Fuego.Size:These large woodpeckers are 36-45 cm long. Males tend […]