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Lance-tailed manakin

Chiroxiphia lanceolata Photo by Nick Athanas (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:lance-tailed manakin (en); tangará-lanceolado (pt); manakin lancéolé (fr); saltarín lanceolado (es); lanzettschwanzpipra (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily PipridaeRange:This species is found from south-western Costa Rica, through Panama and northern Colombia and into northern Venezuela as far east as the Gulf of Paria.Size:These birds are 13-13,5 cm long, including […]

White-ruffed manakin

Corapipo altera Photo by Larry Thompson (Discover Life) Common name:white-ruffed manakin (en); rendeira-de-garganta-branca (pt); manakin à fraise (fr); saltarín de barba blanca (es); weißkragenpipra (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily PipridaeRange:This species is found from the eastern Honduras south to Colombia and western Venezuela.Size:These birds are 10 cm long and weigh 12-13 g.Habitat:The white-ruffed manakin is found in the […]

Blue-crowned manakin

Lepidothrix coronata Photo by Anselmo d’Affonseca (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:blue-crowned manakin (en); uirapuru-de-chapéu-azul (pt); manakin à tête bleue (fr); saltarín coroniazul (es); blauscheitelpipra (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily PiptridaeRange:This species is found from Costa Rica to Peru, Bolivia and north-western Brazil.Size:These birds are 8,5-9 cm long and weigh 12 g.Habitat:The blue-crowned manakin is mostly found on the […]

Golden-headed manakin

Pipra erythrocephala (Photo from Flickr) Common name:golden-headed manakin (en); cabeça-de-ouro (pt); manakin à tête d’or (fr); saltarín cabecidorado (es); gelbkopfpipra (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily PipridaeRange:These birds are found in northern South America, from Southern panama, through Colombia and Venezuela and into the Guyanas, eastern Ecuador, northern Peru and Brazil north of the Amazon river. They are also […]

White-collared manakin

Manacus candei Photo by Tristan Bantock (Flickr) Common name:white-collared manakin (en); rendeira-de-colar-branco (pt); manakin à col blanc (fr); saltarín cuelliblanco (es); weißbandpipra (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily PipridaeRange:This species is found along the Caribbean slopes of Central America, from south-eastern Mexico to northern Panama.Size:These birds are 11 cm long and weigh 18-20 g.Habitat:The white-collared manakin in found moist tropical forests and […]

White-bearded manakin

Manacus manacus Photo by Dário Sanches (Flickrhivemind) Common name:white-bearded manakin (en); rendeira (pt); manakin casse-noisette (fr); saltarín barbiblanco (es); weißbrustpipra (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily PipridaeRange:This South American species is found from Colombia, Venezuela and the Guyanas, through Brazil, Ecuador and Peru, and into Bolivia, Paraguay and northern Argentina.Size:These birds are 10-11 cm long and weigh 16,5-18 g.Habitat:These birds are […]

Helmeted manakin

Antilophia galeata Photo by Dario Sanches (Flickriver) Common name: helmeted manakin (en); soldadinho (pt); manakin casqué (fr); saltarín de yelmo (es); helmpipra (de) Taxonomy: Order Passeriformes Family Pipridae Range: This South American species is found in central and south-western Brazil, in north-eastern Paraguay, and along the border region of north-east Bolivia. Size: These birds are […]

Wire-tailed manakin

Pipra filicauda Common name: wire-tailed manakin (en); rabo-de-arame (pt); manakin filifère (fr); saltarín uirapuru (es); fadenpira (de) Taxonomy: Order Passeriformes Family Pipridae Range: The wire-tailed manakin is found upriver in the western Amazon Basin, in Brazil and the neighboring countries of northern Peru, eastern Ecuador and Colombia, and in thesouthern and western portions of Venezuela. […]