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Noisy pitta

Pitta versicolor Photo by H. Glover (CQC Landcare Network) Common name:noisy pitta (en); pita-ruídosa(pt); brève versicolore (fr); pita bulliciosa (es); lärmpitta (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily PittidaeRange:This species breeds along the eastern coast of Australia, from northern Queensland to southern New South Wales. The more northern populations migrate north to winter along the coast of southern New Guinea.Size:These […]

Blue-winged pitta

Pitta moluccensis Photo by Alvin Loon (Nature in Singapore) Common name:blue-winged pitta (en); pita-d’asa-azul (pt); brève à ailes blueues (fr); pita aliazul (es); blauflügelpitta (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily PittidaeRange:This species is found breeding from south-eastern Myanmar and Laos to southern Vietnam and Thailand. They migrate south to winter in Malaysia, Singapore and in Indonesia, in Sumatra, Borneo […]

Hooded pitta

Pitta sordida Photo by Chris Li (Flickr) Common name:hooded pitta (en); pita-de-capuz (pt); brève à capuchon (fr); pita encapuchada (es); kappenpitta (de) Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily PittidaeRange:This Asian species is found from southern China and northern India, throughout Indochina and into Indonesia and Papua-New Guinea. The population in mainland Asia migrate south to winter along the southern […]

Fairy pitta

Pitta nympha (Photo from Best Bird Photos) Common name: fairy pitta (en); pita-ninfa (pt); brève migratice (fr); pita ninfa (es); nymphenpitta (de) Taxonomy: Order Passeriformes Family Pittidae Range: This Asian species breeds in Japan, South Korea, south-eastern China and Taiwan and migrates south to winter in Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Size: Faity pittas are 16-19,5 […]