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Sri Lanka frogmouth

Batrachostomus moniliger Photo by Tomas Grim (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:Sri Lanka frogmouth (en); boca-de-sapo-do-Ceilão (pt); podarge de Ceylan (fr); podargo de Ceilán (es); Ceylonfroschmaul (de)Taxonomy:Order CaprimulgiformesFamily Podargidae Range:This species is found in Sri Lanka and in the Western Ghats of south-western India.Size:These birds are 23 cm long. Habitat:The Sri Lanka frogmouth is found in […]

Tawny frogmouth

Podargus strigoides Photo by Rémi Bigonneau (Internet Bird Collection) Common name: tawny frogmouth (en); boca-de-sapo-australiano (pt); podarge gris (fr); podargo australiano (es); eulenschwalm (de) Taxonomy: Order Caprimulgiformes Family Podargidae Range: This species is found throughout the Australian mainland, Tasmania and southern New Guinea. Size: Tawny frogmouths are 34-53 cm long and weigh up to 670 […]