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Black-necked grebe

Podiceps nigricollis Photo by Gerard Visser (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:black-necked grebe (en); mergulhão-de-pescoço-preto (pt); grèbe à cou noir (fr); zampullín cuellinegro (es); schwarzhalstaucher (de)Taxonomy:Order PodicipediformesFamily PodicipedidaeRange:This species occurs in three disjunct subspecies. P.n. nigricollis breeds from western Europe to western Asia,  in central and eastern Asia as far as north-eastern China and extreme south-eastern […]

Australasian grebe

Tachybaptus novaehollandiae Photo by J.J. Harrison (Wikipedia) Common name:Australasian grebe (en); mergulhão-pequeno-australiano (pt); grèbe australasien (fr); zampullín australiano (es); Australischer zwergtaucher (de)Taxonomy:Order PodicipediformesFamily PodicipedidaeRange:This species is found throughout  Australia, in southern Indoneasia, New Guinea, the Solomon islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and recently colonized several areas in New Zealand.Size:These birds are 23-27 cm long and have […]

Great crested grebe

Podiceps cristatus Photo by Ken Billington (Wikipedia) Common name:great crested grebe (en); mergulhão-de-crista (pt); grèbe huppé (fr); somormujo lavanco (es); haubentaucher (de)Taxonomy:Order PodicipediformesFamily PodicipedidaeRange:This species is found across most of Europe and central Asia, wintering also in southern Asia. There are some scattered colonies in Africa, from Tunisia and Egypt in the north, through a few […]