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Christmas shearwater

Puffinus nativitatis Photo by Duncan Wright (Wikipedia) Common name:Christmas shearwater (en); pardela-de-Natal (pt); puffin de la Nativité (fr); pardela de la Navidad (es); weihnachts-sturmtaucher (de)Taxonomy:Order ProcellariiformesFamily ProcellariidaeRange:This species breeds in remote islands in the central Pacific, from the Hawaiian Islands, south to Phoenix Island and Kiritimati Island in Kiribati, and east to the Marquesas Islands, […]

Great shearwater

Ardenna gravis Photo by Alejandro Torés (Seabirds Galicia) Common name:great shearwater (en); pardela-de-barrete (pt); puffin majeur (fr); pardela capirotada (es); großer sturmtaucher (de)Taxonomy:Order ProcellariiformesFamily ProcellariidaeRange:This species only breeds on Nightingale Island, Inaccessible Island and Gough island in the Tristan da Cunha archipelago, and on Kidney Island in the Falklands. Outside the breeding season they migrate […]

Antarctic petrel

Thalassoica antarctica Photo by François Guerraz (Wikipedia) Common name:Antarctic petrel (en); pintado-antárctico (pt); pétrel antarctique (fr); petrél antártico (es); Antarktiksturmvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order ProcellariiformesFamily ProcellariidaeRange:This species breeds along the coasts of Antarctica, as well as in nearby islands. They forage over the Southern Ocean, as far north as Tierra del Fuego and sometimes near southern New Zealand […]

Black-winged petrel

Pterodroma nigripennis Photo by Nigel Voaden (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:black-winged petrel (en); freira-d’asa-preta (pt); pétrel à ailes noires (fr); petrel alinegro (es); schwarzflügel-sturmvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order ProcellariiformesFamily ProcellariidaeRange:This species breeds in the south-western Pacific, from Lord Howe Island, Australia, and eastern Australia in the west, New Caledonia in the north, the Chatham Islands, New Zealand in […]

Parkinson’s petrel

Procellaria parkinsoni Photo by Ken Havard (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:Parkinson’s petrel (en); petrel-de-Parkinson (pt); puffin de Parkinson (fr); pardela de Parkinson (es); schwarzsturmvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order ProcellariiformesFamily ProcellariidaeRange:This species only breeds on Great and Little Barrier Islands, in New Zealand, but wander over the southern and central Pacific as far as the American coast from California […]

Southern giant-petrel

Macronectes giganteus Photo by J.J. Harrison (Wikipedia) Common name:southern giant-petrel (en); petrel-gigante-do-sul (pt); pétrel géant (fr); abanto-marino antártico (es); riesensturmvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order ProcellariiformesFamily ProcellariidaeRange:This species is found in the southern oceans, from Antarctica north to southern Australia, southern Africa and southern South America. They breed in sub-Antarctic islands and along the coasts of Antarctica, namely on […]

Northern fulmar

Fulmarus glacialis Photo by Jörg Hempel (Wikipedia) Common name:northern fulmar (en); fulmar-glacial (pt); fulmar boréal (fr); fulmar boreal (es); eissturmvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order ProcellariiformesFamily ProcellariidaeRange:This species is found in the northern Atlantic, northern Pacific and Adacent areas of the Arctic ocean, ranging as far south as the British isles, Massachusetts, northern California and northern Japan. There are […]

Wedge-tailed shearwater

Puffinus pacificus Photo by Tony Morris (Flickr) Common name:wedge-tailed shearwater (en); pardela-do-Pacífico (pt); puffin fouquet (fr); pardela del Pacífico (es); keilschwanz-sturmtaucher (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily ProcellariidaeRange:This species is found throughout the tropical water of the Indian and Pacific oceans, roughly between 35º S and 35º N. They breed on a wide range of oceanic islands, both in […]

Westland petrel

Procellaria westlandica Photo by Mark Jobling (Wikipedia) Common name:Westland petrel (en); petrel-de-Westland (pt); puffin du Westland (fr); pardela de Westland (es); Westlandsturmvogel (de) Taxonomy:Order ProcellariiformesFamily Procellariidae Range:This species is endemic to New Zealand, only breeding in coastal foothills at Punakaiki, South Island. Outside the breeding season they spread over a large area of the southern […]

Bulwer’s petrel

Bulweria bulwerii Photo by Martin Lofgren (Wild Bird Gallery) Common name:Bulwer’s petrel (en); alma-negra (pt); pétrel de Bulwer (fr); petrel de Bulwer (es); Bulwersturmvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order ProcellariiformesFamily ProcellariidaeRange:The Bulwer’s petrel is a pantropical species, being found in the tropical and sub-tropical areas of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans. Breeding sites include the eastern Atlantic from […]