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Gurney’s sugarbird

Promerops gurneyi Photo by Alan Manson (Wikipedia) Common name:Gurney’s sugarbird (en); papa-açúcar-de-Gurney (pt); promérops de Gurney (fr); mielero-abejaruco de Gurney (es); Natalhonigfresser (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily PromeropidaeRange:This species is patchily distributed in south-eastern Africa, with populations along the border between Zimbabwe and Mozambique and in north-eastern and eastern South Africa, including Lesotho.Size:These birds are 23-29 cm long […]

Cape sugarbird

Promerops cafer Photo by Tadeusz Stawarczyk (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:Cape sugarbird (en); papa-açucar-do-Cabo (pt); promérops du Cap (fr); mielero-abejaruco de El Cabo (es); Kaphonigfresser (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily PromeropidaeRange:This species is endemic to South Africa, only being found in the fynbos biome of the Western Cape and Eastern Cape provinces.Size:The males are 34-44 cm long, while […]