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White-spotted flufftail

Sarothrura pulchra Photo by Dave Curtis (Flickr) Common name:white-spotted flufftail (en); frango-d’água-pintado (pt); râle perlé (fr); polluela pulcra (es); perlenralle (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily RallidaeRange:This species is found is western and central Africa, from Senegal and The Gambia, along the coast of West Africa to Nigeria and then eastwards as far as western Kenya and south wards […]

Corn crake

Crex crex (Photo from Hortobágyi Madárpark) Common name:corn crake (en); codornizão (pt); râle des genêts (fr); guión de codornices (es); wachtelkönig (de)Taxonomy:Order GruiformesFamily RallidaeRange:This species breeds from western Europe, in France, Ireland and Scotland, through central Europe and southern Scandinavia, and into central Asia as far as Kazakhstan, northern China, Mongolia and south-eastern Russia. They […]

Grey-necked wood-rail

Aramides cajaneus Photo by Santiago Lozano (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:grey-necked wood-rail (en); saracura-três-potes (pt); râle de Cayenne (fr); cotara chiricote (es); Cayenneralle (de)Taxonomy:Order GruiformesFamily RallidaeRange:This species is found from north-eastern Mexico, south across Central America and into South America where it is found east of the Andes as far south as northern Argentina and […]


Gallirallus australis Photo by Sid Mosdell (Wikipedia) Common name:weka (en); frango-d’água-austral (pt); râle wéka (fr); rascón weka (es); wekaralle (de)Taxonomy:Order GruiformesFamily RallidaeRange:This species is endemic to New Zealand, being found in scattered location along the eastern coast of North Islands,  in the northern and south-western areas of South Island, in the islands of Chatham and […]

Buff-banded rail

Gallirallus philippensis Photo by Toby Hudson (Wikipedia) Common name:buff-banded rail (en); frango-d’água-de-colar (pt); râle tiklin (fr); rascón filipino (es); bindenralle (de)Taxonomy:Order GruiformesFamily RallidaeRange:This species is found from the Philippines and eastern Indonesia, through New Guinea and into Melanesia and western Polynesia as far east as Samoa and the island of Niue. Also in eastern and […]

Galapagos rail

Laterallus spilonotus Photo by George Armistead (Neotropical Birds) Common name:Galapagos rail (en);  franga-d’água-das-Galápagos (pt); râle des Galapagos (fr); polluela de Galápagos (es); galapagosralle (de)Taxonomy:Order GruiformesFamily RallidaeRange:This species is endemic to the Galápagos Islands, where it occurs on the islands of Pinta, Fernandina, Isabela, Santiago, Santa Cruz, Floreana, and San Cristóbal.Size:These birds are 15-16 cm long […]

Yellow rail

Coturnicops noveboracensis Photo by Brian Small (Ministry of Natural Resources) Common name:yellow rail (en); franga-d’água-amarela (pt); râle jaune (fr); polluela amarillenta (es); gelbralle (de)Taxonomy:Order GruiformesFamily RallidaeRange:This species breeds in central and western Canada, from eastern Alberta and the south-eastern Northwest Territories to southern Quebec and New Brunswick, and also in the north-eastern United States, from […]

Buff-spotted flufftail

Sarothrura elegans   Photo by Hugh Chittenden (World Bird Info) Common name: buff-spotted flufftail (en); frango-d’água-elegante (pt); râle ponctué (fr); polluela elegante (es); tropfenralle (de) Taxonomy: Order Gruiformes Family Rallidae Range: This species is patchilly distributed in sub-Saharan Africa, from Guinea to Ethiopia and south to Zimbabwe, western and southern Mozambique and eastern South Africa. […]

Red-legged crake

Rallina fasciata Photo by Edwin Matias (Gear Up, Get Out) Common name:red-legged crake (en); franga-d’água-de-patas-vermelhas (pt); râle barré (fr); polluela patirroja (es); Malaienralle (de)Taxonomy:Order GruiformesFamily RallidaeRange:This species is found in south-eastern Asia, from Bangladesh and extreme north-eastern India, through Myanmar and southern Thailand and into southern Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.Size:These birds are 21-25 cm […]

Striped crake

Aenigmatolimnas marginalis Photo by John Carlyon (Zest for Birds) Common name:striped crake (en); franga d’água-estriada (pt); marouette rayée (fr); polluela culirroja (es); graukehl-sumpfhuhn (de)Taxonomy:Order GruiformesFamily Rallidae Range:This species is patchily distributed in West Africa, from Ghana to Congo and also in the area from Uganda, Kenya and eastern D.R. Congo, south through Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia […]