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Slaty bristlefront

Merulaxis ater Photo by Don Robertson (Creagrus) Common name:slaty bristlefront (en); entufado (pt); mérulaxe noir (fr); macuquiño negro (es); südlicher stirnhaubentapaculo (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily RhinocryptidaeRange:This species is endemic to south-eastern Brazil, being found along the coast from south-eastern Bahia to northern Santa Catarina.Size:These birds are 17-18,5 cm long and weigh 33-37 g.Habitat:The slaty bristlefront is mostly […]

White-browed tapaculo

Scytalopus superciliaris Photo by Freddy Burgos (Flickr) Common name:white-browed tapaculo (en); tapaculo-de-sobrolho-branco (pt); mérulaxe bridé (fr); churrín cejiblanco (es); weißbrauentapaculo (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily RhinocryptidaeRange:This species is found in the Andean slopes of north-western Argentina, north of La Rioja, and marginally across the border into southern Bolivia.Size:These birds are 10 cm long and weigh 16,5-19 g.Habitat:The white-browed […]

Planalto tapaculo

Scytalopus pachecoi Photo by Adrian Rupp (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:planalto tapaculo (en); tapaculo-ferreirinho (pt); mérulaxe de Pacheco (fr); churrín del planalto (es); Pachecotapaculo (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily RhynocryptidaeRange:This species is found in three small areas in southern Brazil and marginally into northern Argentina. These areas are Serra do Sudeste in Rio Grande do Sul, Missiones in […]

Black-throated huet-huet

Pteroptochos tarnii Photo by Jose Cañas (Flickr) Common name:black-throated huet-huet (en); huet-huet-de-garganta-preta (pt); tourco huet-huet (fr); hued-hued del sur (es); schwarzkehl-bürzelstelzer (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily RhinocryptidaeRange:This species is found in Chile, from the Bío-Bío river down to Magallanes, and also in Andean slopes of western Argentina down to Patagonia.Size:These birds are 24-25 cm long and weigh 122-145 […]

Puna tapaculo

Scytalopus simonsi Photo by Jean-Philippe Paris (Worldwide Ornithological Travels) Common name:Puna tapaculo (en); tapaculo-de-Simons (pt); mérulaxe de Simons (fr); churrín de la Puna (es); Punatapaculo (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily RhinocryptidaeRange:This South American species is found in the eastern slopes of the Andes, from the Vilcanota mountains, Cuzco, Peru, south to Cochabamba, Bolivia.Size:These birds are 10-12 cm long […]

Chucao tapaculo

Scelorchilus rubecula Photo by Arthur Grosset (Arthur Grosset’s Birds) Common name:chucao tapaculo (en); tapaculo-de-peito-ruivo (pt); tourco rougegorge (fr); chucao (es); rotkehltapaculo (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily RhinocryptidaeRange:This South American species is found in central and southern Chile and across the border into neighbouring regions of Argentina.Size:These birds are 16-18 cm long and weigh 35-43 g.Habitat:The chucao tapaculo is found in temperate […]

Magellanic tapaculo

Scytalopus magellanicus Photo by Jose Cañas (Flickriver) Common name:Magellanic tapaculo (en); tapaculo-de-Magalhães (pt); mérulaxe des Andes (fr); churrín del sur (es); Magellantapaculo (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily RhinocryptidaeRange:This South American species is found from central Chile and western Argentina, south to Tierra del Fuego.Size:These birds are 10-12 cm long and weigh 11-15 g.Habitat:Magellanic tapaculos are found in densely vegetated […]

Crested gallito

Rhinocrypta lanceolata Photo by Aline Wolfer (Oiseaux d’Argentine) Common name: crested gallito (en); tapáculo-de-crista (pt); tourco huppé (fr); gallito copetón (es); schopfbürzelstelzer (de) Taxonomy: Order Passeriformes Family Rhinocryptidae Range: This species is found in south-eastern Bolivia, western Paraguay and in Argentina down to Rio Negro. Size: The crested gallito is 21 cm long and weighs […]