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Caspian tern

Hydroprogne caspia Photo by Vladimirs Suščinskis (Ornitofaunistika) Common name:Caspian tern (en); gaivina-grande (pt); sterne caspienne (fr); pagaza piquirroja (es); raubseeschwalbe (de)Taxonomy:Order CharadriiformesFamily SternidaeRange:This species has a cosmopolitan but scattered distribution, breeding in the Baltic sea, in eastern Europe and central Asia from the southern Ukraine to western Mongolia, along the coast of China, in West […]

Black tern

Chlidonias niger Photo by Jari Peltomäki (Luonto Portti) Common name:black tern (en); gaivina-preta (pt); guifette noire (fr); fumarel común (es); trauerseeschwalbe (de)Taxonomy:Order CharadriiformesFamily SternidaeRange:This species breeds throughout most of Europe, western Asia and North America, as far north as Finland and the Northwest Territories of Canada and as far east as Kazakhstan and western Mongolia. […]

Royal tern

Sterna maxima Photo by Ianaré Sévi (Wikipedia) Common name:royal tern (en); garajau-real (pt); sterne royale (fr); charrán real (es); königsseeschwalbe (de)Taxonomy:Order CharadriiformesFamily SternidaeRange:This species breeds along the coasts of West Africa, from Mauritania to Cameroon, along the Caribbean and the coasts of South America from Colombia no northern Brazil, and along the coasts of south-eastern […]

Forster’s tern

Sterna forsteri Photo by Dick Daniels (Wikipedia) Common name:Forster’s tern (en); andorinha-do-mar-de-Forster (pt); sterne de Forster (fr); charrán de Forster (es); Forsterseeschwalbe (de)Taxonomy:Order CharadriiformesFamily SternidaeRange:This species breeds in southern Canada and the northern United States, wintering in the south-eastern and coastal south-western United States, along the eastern and western coast of Mexico, in Central America […]

Peruvian tern

Sternula lorata (Photo from Internet Bird Collection) Common name: Peruvian tern (en); trinta-réis-do-Peru (pt); sterne du Pérou (fr); charrancito peruano (es); Peruseeschwalbe (de) Taxonomy: Order Charadriiformes Family Sternidae Range: This South American species is restricted to the Humboldt Current zone from northern Peru to the Peninsula of Mejillones in Chile. Size: These birds are 22-24 […]