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Ruffed grouse

Bonasa umbellus Photo by Guy Monty (Flickr) Common name:ruffed grouse (en); galinha-montesa-de-colar (pt); gélinotte huppée (fr); grévol engolado (es); kragenhuhn (de) Taxonomy:Order GalliformesFamily Phasianidae Range:This species is found throughout most of Canada, and also in Alaska and the northern United States as far south as Georgia, Utah and northern California. Size:These birds are 40-50 cm […]

Dusky grouse

Dendragapus obscurus Photo by Ian Maton (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:dusky grouse (en); tetraz-sombrio (pt); tétras sombre (fr); gallo de las Rocosas (es); felsengebirgshuhn (de)Taxonomy:Order GalliformesFamily TetraonidaeRange:This species is found in western North America, from south-eastern Alaska and the Northwest territories south to California, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado.Size:These birds are 39-53 cm long and weigh […]

Rock ptarmigan

Lagopus muta Photo by Jan Haugseth (Wikipedia) Common name: rock ptarmigan (en); lagópode-branco (pt); lagopède alpin (fr); perdiz nival (es); alpenschneehuhn (de) Taxonomy: Order Galliformes Family Tetraonidae Range: This sedentary species breeds across most of Arctic and sub-Arctic Eurasia and North America, including Greenland. There are a few isolated populations in mountainous areas of Scotland, […]