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Dusky-tailed antbird

Drymophila malura Photo by Dario Sanches (Wikipedia) Common name: dusky-tailed antbird (en); choquinha-carijó (pt); grisin malure (fr); tiluchí estriado oriental (es); olivrücken-ameisenfänger (de) Taxonomy: Order Passeriformes Family Thamnophilidae Range: This species is found in south-eastern Brazil, from Minas Gerais south to northern Rio Grande do Sul, and into eastern Paraguay and extreme north-eastern Argentina. Size: […]

Silvered antbird

Sclateria naevia Photo by Lou Hegedus (Mango Verde) Common name:silvered antbird (en); papa-formigas-do-igarapé (pt); alapi paludicole (fr); hormiguero plateado (es); mangroveameisenvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily ThamnophilidaeRange:This species is found in northern South America, east of the Andes, from central Colombia east to Suriname and south to Bolivia, and to Mato Grosso and Maranhão, in Brazil.Size:These birds are […]

Collared antshrike

Sakesphorus bernardi Photo by Rainer Seifert (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:collared antshrike (en); choca-de-coleira (pt); batara de Bernard (fr); batará collarejo (es); fleckengesicht-ameisenwürger (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily ThamnophilidaeRange:This species is found in western Ecuador and north-western Peru, from Manabí south to Ancash, and also in the river Marañon basin, in Cajamarca and Amazonas, northern Peru.Size:These birds are […]

Black antbird

Cercomacra serva Photo by Anselmo d’Affonseca (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:black antbird (en); chororó-preto (pt); grisin noir (fr); hormiguero negro (es); südlicher trauerameisenfänger (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily ThamnophilidaeRange:This species is found from southern Colombia and eastern Ecuador, through eastern Peru and into north-western Bolivia and extreme western Brazil.Size:These birds are 13,5-14,5 cm long and weigh 15-17 g.Habitat:The […]

Streak-capped antwren

Terenura maculata Photo by Luíz Ribenboim (ICMBio) Common name:streak-capped antwren (en); zidedê (pt); grisin à tête rayée (fr); tiluchí enano (es); rostrücken-ameisenfänger (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily ThamnophilidaeRange:This is found in south-eastern Brazil, from Bahia south to Parana and Santa Catarina, and marginally into south-eastern Paraguay and north-eastern Argentina.Size:These birds are 9-10 cm long and weigh about 7 […]

Giant antshrike

Batara cinerea Photo by Bruno Rennó (Flickr) Common name:giant antshrike (en); matracão (pt); batara géant (fr); batará gigante (es); riesen-ameisenwürger (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily ThamnophilidaeRange:This species has 3 subspecies with disjunct distributions. B.c. cinerea is found in south-eastern Brazil, from Espírito Santo to Rio Grande do Sul, and marginally across the border into Argentina. B. c. argentina […]

Caatinga antwren

Herpsilochmus sellowi Photo by Stephen Jones (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:caatinga antwren (en); chorozinho-da-caatinga (pt); grisin de Sellow (fr); tiluchí de caatinga (es); caatingaameisenfänger (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily ThamnophilidaeRange:This species in endemic to Brazil, being found in the interior north-eastern part of the country from Maranhão and Ceará to Minas Gerais.Size:These birds are 12 cm long and […]

White-plumed antbird

Pithys albifrons Photo by Vincent Rufray (GEPOG) Common name:white-plumed antbird (en); papa-formiga-de-topete (pt); fourmilier manikup (fr); hormiguero cuerniblanco (es); weißgesicht-ameisenvogel (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily ThamnophilidaeRange:This species is found from southern Venezuela, Colombia and the Guyanas, south to northern Brazil, north of the Amazon river, and along the eastern slopes of the Andes down to southern Peru.Size:These birds […]

Restinga antwren

Formicivora littoralis Photo by Nick Athanas (Antpitta) Common name:restinga antwren (en); formigueiro-do-litoral (pt); grisin de la restinga (fr); hotmiguerito litoral (es); restingaameisenfänger (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily ThamnophilidaeRange:This species is endemic to Rio de Janeiro state, in south-eastern Brazil, being restricted to the area around Cabo Frio including adjacent offshore islands.Size:These birds are 12,5-14 cm long and weigh […]

Black-capped antwren

Herpsilochmus atricapillus Photo by Jefferson Silva (Passarinhando no Brasil!!!) Common name:black-capped antwren (en); chorozinho-de-chapéu-preto (pt); grisin mitré (fr); tiluchí plomizo (es); schwarzscheitel-ameisenfänger (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily ThamnophilidaeRange:This species is found in eastern and southern Brazil, from Maranhão and Ceará south to São Paulo and west to Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, and also in Paraguay, […]