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Northern bald ibis

Geronticus eremita Photo by Agustín Poovedano (Flickr) Common name:northern bald ibis (en); íbis-calva (pt); ibis chauve (fr); ibis eremita (es); waldrapp (de)Taxonomy:Order CiconiiformesFamily ThreskiornithidaeRange:Historically, this species was probably found throughout North Africa and into the Middle East, but presently it is only found in two disjunct populations. There is a western population in Morocco, located […]

Hadada ibis

Bostrychia hagedash Photo by Sumeet Moghe (Wikipedia) Common name:hadada ibis (en); singanga (pt); ibis hagedash (fr); ibis hadada (es); hagedasch (de) Taxonomy:Order CiconiiformesFamily ThreskiornithidaeRange:This species is found across most of sub-Saharan Africa, from southern Mauritania to southern Sudan and south to South Africa. It is mostly absent from Angola, Namibia and Botswana.Size:These birds are 65-75 […]

Australian white ibis

Threskiornis molucca Photo by Josep del Hoyo (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:Australian white ibis (en); íbis-branco-australiano (pt); ibis à cou noir (fr); ibis blanco australiano (es); Molukkenibis (de)Taxonomy:Order CiconiiformesFamily ThreskiornithidaeRange:This species is found in eastern and northern Australia, and to a lesser extent also in south-western Australia. The Australian white ibis is also found in […]

Black-headed ibis

Threskiornis melanocephalus Photo by J.M. Garg (Wikipedia) Common name: black-headed ibis (en); ibis-de-cabeça-preta (pt); ibis à tête noire (fr); ibis cabecinegro (es); schwarzkopfibis (de) Taxonomy: Order Ciconiiformes Family Threskiornithidae Range: This Asian species is found from Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka, through Bangladesh and Myanmar down to Indonesia, and along the Philippines and China all […]

White ibis

Eudocimus albus Common name: white ibis (en); ibis-branco (pt); ibis blanc (fr); ibis blanco (es); schneesichler (de) Taxonomy: Order Ciconiiformes Family Threskiornithidae Range: The white ibis breeds from the United States, along the coastal region of Virginia, south and west to Louisiana, including inland South Carolina through Florida, and along the entire coast of Mexico, […]