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Wire-crested thorntail

Discosura popelairii Photo by Niels Dreyer (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:wire-crested thorntail (en); bandeirinha-de-Popelaire (pt); coquette de Popelaire (fr); rabudito crestado (es); haubenfadenelfe (de)Taxonomy:Order ApodiformesFamily TrochilidaeRange:This species is found along the eastern slopes of the Andes, from central Colombia to southern Peru.Size:These birds are sexually dimorphic. The females are 7,5-8 cm long, while the males […]

Copper-rumped hummingbird

Amazilia tobaci (Photo from Wikipedia) Common name:copper-rumped hummingbird (en); beija-flor-de-uropígio-acobreado (pt); ariane de Félicie (fr); amazilia de Tobago (es); kupferbürzelamazilie (de)Taxonomy:Order ApodiformesFamily TrochilidaeRange:This species is found throughout most of northern, central and eastern Venezuela, as well as in Trinidad and Tobago.Size:These birds are 8,5-11 cm long and weigh 4-5 g.Habitat:The copper-rumped hummingbird is found in […]

Reddish hermit

Phaethornis ruber Photo by João Quental (Flickr) Common name:reddish hermit (en); rabo-branco-rubro (pt); ermite roussâtre (fr); ermitaño rojizo (es); roter zwergschattenkolibri (de)Taxonomy:Order ApodiformesFamily TrochilidaeRange:This species is found in northern South America, east of the Andes, from southern and eastern Colombia east to Suriname and eastern Brazil, and south to central Bolivia and Mato Grosso, Goiás […]

Green hermit

Phaethornis guy Photo by Larry Thompson (Discover Life) Common name:green hermit (en); rabo-branco-verde (pt); ermite vert (fr); ermitaño verde (es); grüner schattenkolibri (de)Taxonomy:Order ApodiformesFamily TrochilidaeRange:This species is found from Costa Rica, through Panama and Colombia, and into Ecuador and Peru. Also in western Venezuela, and in north-eastern Venezuela and the island of Trinidad.Size:These birds are […]

White-chested emerald

Amazilia brevirostris Photo by Fayard Mohammed (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:white-chested emerald (en); beija-flor-de-bico-preto (pt); ariane à poitrine blanche (fr); diamante colidorado (es); kurzschnabelamazilie (de)Taxonomy:Order ApodiformesFamily TrochilidaeRange:This species is found from central and eastern Venezuela to the French Guyana and south into Roraima in extreme northern Brazil. Also in the Caribbean island of Trinidad.Size:These birds […]

Black-breasted puffleg

Eriocnemis nigrivestis Photo by Murray Cooper (Mongabay) Common name:black-breasted puffleg (en); beija-flor-de-peito-negro (pt); érione à robe noire (fr); zamarrito pechinegro (es); schwarzbauch-höschenkolibri (de)Taxonomy:Order ApodiformesFamily TrochilidaeRange:This species is endemic to north-western Ecuador, only being found on the northern and north-western ridge-crests of Volcán Pichincha, and in the Cordillera de Toisán above the Intág valley, both located […]

Band-tailed barbthroat

Threnetes ruckeri (Photo from Birds & Birds) Common name:band-tailed barbthroat (en); balança-rabo-de-Rücker (pt); ermite de Rücker (fr); ermitaño barbudo colibandeado (es); weißbinden-schattenkolibri (de)Taxonomy:Order ApodiformesFamily TrochilidaeRange:This species is found from southern Belize and eastern Guatemala south to north-western Venezuela, western Colombia and western Ecuador.Size:These birds are 10-11 cm long and weigh 5-7 g.Habitat:The band-tailed barbthroat is […]

Fiery-throated hummingbird

Panterpe insignis Photo by Joseph Boone (Wikipedia) Common name:fiery-throated hummingbird (en); colibri-garganta-de-fogo (pt); colibri insigne (fr); colibrí insigne (es); feuerkehlkolibri (de)Taxonomy:Order ApodiformesFamily TrochilidaeRange:This species is found along Cordillera de Guanacaste and Cordillera de Tilarán, from northern Costa Rica to western Panama.Size:These birds are 10,5-11 cm long. The females are smaller than males, weighing 5 g […]

Racket-tailed coquette

Discosura longicaudus Photo by Robson Czaban (Beija-flores) Common name:racket-tailed coquette (en); bandeirinha (pt); coquette à raquettes (fr); rabudito de raquetas (es); diskuselfe (de)Taxonomy:Order ApodiformesFamily TrochilidaeRange:This South American species is found in two disjunct areas, one from southern Venezuela and the Guyanas south to the Amazon river, and another along the coast of eastern Brazil, from […]

Olivaceous thornbill

Chalcostigma olivaceum Photo by Steve Arlow (Neotropical Birds) Common name:olivaceous thornbill (en); colibri-oliváceo (pt); métallure olivâtre (fr); colibrí oliváceo (es); braunes glanzschwänzchen (de)Taxonomy:Order ApodiformesFamily TrochilidaeRange:This species is patchily distributed along the high Andes of southern Peru and northern Bolivia, from the Cordillera Blanca south to La Paz.Size:These birds are 12-15 cm long and weigh 6,5-9 […]