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Peruvian wren

Cinnycerthia peruana Photo by Nick Athanas (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:Peruvian wren (en); carriça-do-Perú (pt); troglodyte brun (fr); cucarachero peruano (es); sepiazaunkönig (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily TroglodytidaeRange:This species is endemic to Peru, being found in the eastern Andes from Amazonas to Ayacucho.Size:These birds are 15,5-16 cm long and weigh about 20 g.Habitat:The Peruvian wren is found in […]

Rufous-breasted wren

Thryothorus rutilus (Photo from PBase) Common name:rufous-breasted wren (en); carriça-de-peito-ruivo (pt); troglodyte des halliers (fr); cucarachero pechirrufo (es); rotbrust-zaunkönig (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily TroglodytidaeRange:This species is found from south-western Costa Rica, through Panama, and into Venezuela, Colombia and the Caribbean island of Tobago.Size:These birds are 14 cm long and weigh13,5-18,5 g.Habitat:The rufous-breasted wren is mostly found in […]

Canyon wren

Catherpes mexicanus Photo by Waldemar Sikorski (Photography on the Net) Common name:canyon wren (en); carriça-dos-desfiladeiros (pt); troglodyte des canyons (fr); cucarachero barranquero (es); schluchtenzaunkönig (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily TroglodytidaeRange:This species is western North America, from British Columbia to Minnesota and South Dakota and south to Mexico as far as Chiapas.Size:These birds are 11-15 cm long and have […]

Grey-breasted wood-wren

Henicorhina leucophrys Photo by Hugo Loaiza (Neotropical Birds) Common name:grey-breasted wood-wren (en); uirapuru-de-peito-cinzento (pt); troglodyte à poitrine grise (fr); cucarachero pechigrís (es); einsiedlerzaunkönig (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily TroglodytidaeRange:This species is found from north-eastern Mexico south to northern Venezuela and Colombia, and along the Andes down to Bolivia.Size:These birds are 11 cm long and weigh 18 g.Habitat:The grey-breasted […]

Rock wren

Salpinctes obsoletus Photo by Erik Breden (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:rock wren (en); carriça-das-rochas (pt); troglodyte des rochers (fr); chivirín saltarroca (es); felsenzaunkönig (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily TroglodytidaeRange:This species is found from south-western Canada, through the western United States and Mexico and into Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica. The more northern populations migrate south to […]

Fasciated wren

Campylorhynchus fasciatus Photo by Manolo Arribas (ASEDI) Common name:fasciated wren (en); garrincha-zebrada (pt); troglodyte fascié (fr); ratona franjeada (es); bindenzaunkönig (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformmesFamily TroglodytidaeRange:This species in only found in western Ecuador and north-western Peru.Size:These birds are 19 cm long and weigh aroud 30 g.Habitat:The fasciated wren is mostly found in arid and semi-arid areas, including scrublands, […]

Black-capped donacobius

Donacobius atricapilla Photo by Ralf Lukovic (Trek Nature) Common name:black-capped donacobius (en); japacanim (pt); donacobe à miroir (fr); angú (es); rohrspotter (de) Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily Troglodytidae Range:This species is found in northern South America, from Venezuela south to Bolivia, southern Brazil and north-eastern Argentina. Size:These birds are 23 cm long and weigh 24-30 g. Habitat:The black-capped […]

Cactus wren

Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus Photo by Mark Wagner (Wikipedia) Common name:cactus wren (en); carriça-dos cactos (pt); troglodyte des cactus (fr); ratona desértica (es); kaktuszaunkönig (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily TroglodytidaeRange:This species is found in south-western North America, from California and Nevada to Texas, in the United States, and south to central Mexico.Size:This large wren is 18-22 cm long and weighs […]

Carolina wren

Thryothorus ludovicianus (Photo from Free Desktop Backgrounds) Common name:Carolina wren (en); carriça-da-Carolina (pt); troglodyte de Caroline (fr); ratona carolinense (es); Carolinazaunkönig (de) Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily TroglodytidaeRange:These birds are found throughout the eastern United States, in southern Ontario, Canada, in north-eastern Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.Size:The Carolina wren is 12-14 cm long and weigh 18-22 g.Habitat:These birds are mostly […]

Winter wren

Troglodytes troglodytes Photo by Fabio Giarrizzo (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:winter wren (en); carriça (pt); troglodyte mignon (fr); chochín (es); zaunkönig (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily TroglodytidaeRange:These birds are widely distributed in Europe, North Africa, Asia and North America, being found across Europe, including Iceland and the British Isles, into Russia, the Middle East and southern Asia, and […]