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Red-headed trogon

Harpactes erythrocephalus Photo by Jainy Kuriakose (Oriental Bird Images) Common name:red-headed trogon (en); republicano-de-cabeça-vermelha (pt); trogon à tête rouge (fr); trogón cabecirrojo (es); rotkopftrogon (de)Taxonomy:Order TrogoniformesFamily TrogonidaeRange:This species is found in south-eastern Asia, from northern India and Nepal east to southern China, and south through Indochina into Malaysia and the Indonesian islands of Sumatra.Size:These birds […]

Narina trogon

Apaloderma narina Photo by Bo Jerkeman (iGoTerra) Common name:Narina trogon (en); republicano (pt); trogon Narina (fr); trogón de Narina (es); Narinatrogon (de)Taxonomy:Order TrogoniformesFamily TrogonidaeRange:This species is found in sub-Saharan Africa, from southern Guinea east to southern Sudan and Ethiopia, south to Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe and through southern Mozambique into south-eastern South Africa.Size:These birds are 29-34 […]

Eared quetzal

Euptilotis neoxenus Photo by Steven Whitebread (Flickr) Common name:eared quetzal (en); quetzal-orelhudo (pt); quetzal oreillard (fr); trogón silbador (es); haarbüscheltrogon (de)Taxonomy:Order TrogoniformesFamily TrogonidaeRange:This species is endemic to Mexico, being found in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range and the adjacent Pacific slope.Size:These birds are 32-35,5 cm long and weigh 100-150 g.Habitat:The eared quetzal is found […]

Slaty-tailed trogon

Trogon massena Photo by Thore Noernberg (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:slaty-tailed trogon (en); surucuá-de-cauda-escura (pt); trogon de Masséna (fr); trogón grande (es); schieferschwanztrogon (de)Taxonomy:Order TrogoniformesFamily TrogonidaeRange:This species is found from southern Mexico, through Central America and into western Colombia and north-western Ecuador.Size:The slaty-tailed trogon is 30 cm long and weighs around 145 g.Habitat:They are mainly […]

Mountain trogon

Trogon mexicanus (Photo from Chiapas Birding Adventures) Common name:mountain trogon (en); surucuá-da-montanha (pt); trogon montagnard (fr); trogón mexicano (es); bronzetrogon (de)Taxonomy:Order TrogoniformesFamily TrogonidaeRange:The mountain trogon is found in Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico.Size:These birds are 29-31 cm long and weigh 70 g.Habitat:They are mostly found in moist mountain forests, preferring pine-evergreen and pine-oak woodlands at altitudes of […]

Guianan trogon

Trogon violaceus Photo by Anselmo d’Affonseca (Internet Bird Collection) Common name: Guianan trogon (en); surucuá-violáceo (pt); trogon violacé (fr); surucuá violeta chico (es); veilchentrogon (de) Taxonomy: Order Trogoniformes Family Trogonidae Range: This South American species is found in southern Venezuela, through the Guianas and into northern Brazil. It is also present in the island of […]