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Common buttonquail

Turnix sylvaticus Photo by Jugal Tiwari (Internet Bird Collection) Common name:common buttonquail (en); toirão (pt); turnix d’Andalousie (fr); torillo andaluz (es); laufhühnchen (de)Taxonomy:Order GruiformesFamily TurnicidaeRange:This species is found in several disjunct areas. The subspecies T.s. sylvaticus is found in southern Spain and north-western Morocco, and the subspecies T.s. lepurana is found throughout most of sub-Saharan […]

Painted buttonquail

Turnix varius Photo by Tom Tarrant (Encyclopedia of Life) Common name:painted buttonquail (en); toirão-pintado (pt); turnix bariolé (fr); torillo pintojo (es); buntlaufhühnchen (de)Taxonomy:Order GruiformesFamily TurnicidaeRange:This species is endemic to Australia, being found in the eastern parts of the country, from northern Queensland to South Australia, in Tasmania, and in south-western Western Australia. There was also […]

Yellow-legged buttonquail

Turnix tanki Photo by Adesh Shivkar (India Nature Watch) Common name: yellow-legged buttonquail (en); toirão-de-patas-amarelas (pt); turnix indien (fr); torillo tanki (es); rotnacken-laufhühnchen (de) Taxonomy: Order Gruiformes Family Turnicidae Range: This Asian species is found from India, through Bangladesh and Nepal and into China, Korea and southern Siberia. They are also present in Myanmar, Cambodja, […]