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Oriental bay-owl

Phodilus badius Photo by Peter Ericsson (Owl Pages) Common name:oriental bay-owl (en); coruja-da-baía-oriental (pt); phodile calong (fr); lechuza cornuda (es); maskeneule (de)Taxonomy:Order StrigiformesOrder TytonidaeRange:This species found in south-east Asia from Bangladesh and southern China down to the Indonesian islands of Borneo, Sumatra and Java. There was also a population in the island of Samar, in […]

African grass-owl

Tyto capensis Photo by Per Holmen (Per’s Birding Pages) Common name:African grass-owl (en); coruja-dos-campos (pt); effraie du Cap (fr); lechuza de El Cabo (es); Afrika-graseule (de)Taxonomy:Order StrigiformesFamily TytonidaeSize:These birds are 34-42 cm long and weigh 330-520 g.Range:This African species is patchily distributed from Ethiopia and Cameroon south to South Africa.Habitat:The African grass-owl is marshes and […]

Greater sooty owl

Tyto tenebricosa Common name: greater sooty owl (en); coruja-sombria (pt); effraie ombrée (fr); lechuza tenebroza (es); rußeule (de) Taxonomy: Order Strigiformes Family Tytonidae Range: This species is found in the mountain rainforests of New Guinea, in the mountains of south-eastern Australia, and in Flinders Island, off the northern coast of Tasmania. Size: In the greater […]