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Green shrike-vireo

Vireolanius pulchellus Photo by Dominic Sherony (Wikipedia) Common name:green shrike-vireo (en); assobiador-verde (pt); smaragdan émeraude (fr); vireón esmeralda (es); smaragdvireo (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily VireonidaeRange:This species is found in Central America, from southern Mexico to Panama.Size:These birds are 13,5-14,5 cm long and weigh 22-30 g.Habitat:The green shrike-vireo is mostly found in the canopies of lowland rainforests, also […]

Ashy-headed greenlet

Hylophilus pectoralis Photo by Michel Giraud-Audine (Flickr) Common name:ashy-headed greenlet (en); vite-vite-de-cabeça-cinza (pt); viréon à tête cendrée (fr); verdillo cabecigrís (es); aschkopfvireo (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily VireonidaeRange:This South American species is found from eastern Venezuela and the Guyanas, into coastal north-eastern Brazil and also further inland along the Amazon basin almost as far as Manaus, and through […]

White-eyed vireo

Vireo griseus Photo by Steve Patten (Life and Wildlife along the Little Buffalo River) Common name:white-eyed vireo (en); juruviara-d’olho-branco (pt); viréo aux yeux blanc (fr); vireo ojiblanco (es); weißaugenvireo (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily VireonidaeRange:This species breeds in the eastern United States, from Idaho to Massachusetts and south to Florida and Texas, and also in eastern Mexico. The […]

Bell’s vireo

Vireo bellii Photo by Paul L’Etoile (Mango Verde) Common name:Bell’s vireo (en); juruviara-de-Bell (pt): viréo de Bell (fr); vireo de Bell (es); braunaugenvireo (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily VireonidaeRange:This species is found breeding in the central and southern United States, from North Dakota to Ohio, south to Louisiana and Texas and also in southern Arizona, New Mexico and […]

Hutton’s vireo

Vireo huttoni Photo by Greg Gillson (Pacific NW Birder) Common name:Hutton’s vireo (en); juruviara-de-Hutton (pt); viréo de Hutton (fr); vireo de Hutton (es); Hutton-vireo (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily VireonidaeRange:This species is found in western North America, in two distinct populations. One is found along the Pacific coast from British Columbia, Canada, to Baja California in north-western Mexico. The other […]

Black-capped vireo

Vireo atricapillus Photo by Cody Conway (Flickr) Common name:black-capped vireo (en); juruviara-de-barrete-preto (pt); viréo à tête noire (fr); vireo cabecinegro (es); schwarzkopfvireo (de)Taxonomy:Order PasseriformesFamily VireonidaeRange:This species is only found breeding in Texas and Oklahoma, in the southern United States, and across the border into northern Mexico. They migrate south to winter along the western coast of […]

Blue-headed vireo

Vireo solitarius Photo by Brandon Holden (Ontario Field Ornithologists) Common name: blue-headed vireo (en); vite-vite-de-cabeça-azul (pt); viréo à tête bleue (fr); vireo anteojillo (es); graukopfvireo (de) Taxonomy: Order Passeriformes Family Vireonidae Range: This species breeds in Canada east of the Rockies and in the north-western United States. They migrate south to winter in the south-eastern […]